Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Chinese Finger Puzzle

by Steve Curtin

The German writer Johan Wolfgang von Goethe once famously said, “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” Most of us who would consider ourselves awakened, enlightened or unplugged recognize this truth in the pathology of the mob, who unwittingly worship authority and adore their slave masters while proclaiming themselves “free”. And yet there are some among us, who are otherwise enlightened, who believe there is a tradition, a heritage, a history, and/or a culture in this country that they feel it is their duty to restore; that they, the People, are capable of restoring it. They cling to this memory as if they have ever actually experienced it.

And so, even as the last vestiges of the old republic are being swept away, many people feel as though, this time, they, the defenders of the republic, will do what so many generations through so many elections have failed to do: vote in people who will follow the Constitution, abolish the Federal Reserve, end the illegal wars, and establish free trade and a free market, ushering in a new Golden Age of freedom in America that will last for all time. Or something like that.

If I had any hope of the same, and it was a fleeting hope at best, it was obliterated permanently by the traitorous defeat of Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill this summer. It’s not that it was defeated; no one in their right mind could think they would actually allow an audit of the private Federal Reserve, which had existed for upwards of an entire century without any government oversight whatsoever, opening the hyper-secret books to the most arch criminal entity probably in the history of human kind and thus spelling its destruction. No, what cemented this resolve in me was the manner in which it was defeated. More co-sponsors originally attached their name to this bill than the number of votes needed to actually pass it. Well, duh, you’d think all they'd have to do is hold a vote and it goes to the Senate! Victory! But no. When it finally came to a vote, 122 of its original co-sponsors voted against their own bill.

    Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws. – Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Anyone with an understanding of the Federal Reserve system and its implications for our society should have no confusion over what caused these scoundrels to switch their votes. But sometimes, as Orwell once put it, restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.

The Federal Reserve is a private institution. It is not part of the government (no more “federal” than Federal Express). It has no government oversight, and all who are involved in its machinations are unelected and have no accountability to the government or the People. And yet they are bestowed the almost god-like power of having free license to counterfeit as much money as they want, with a complete monopoly on the currency used. Worse, every dollar they create - our money – is loaned back to us at interest. The implications of this are startling and obvious, though most never give it a second thought: there will always be more debt owed than there is money in existence.

Worse, with this infinite bank account of our money with which they can spend with impunity, they have bought up every essential institution in this country: our education, our military, our media, and, particularly important regarding the current subject, and as demonstrated by the manner in which the Audit the Fed bill was defeated, our entire political system. These banksters, these robber barons, have scientifically devised a system, a matrix, for which all the power will always rest with them, while bestowing upon the plebs the illusion of power and choice. The Republic, as we know it, died when this criminal enterprise was spawned, in 1913.

Most people can see the illusion in American politics known as the false left-right paradigm, but they don’t recognize the implications for where this paradigm originates, and what it will mean to every election, no matter who you vote for, no matter what their campaign rhetoric. For the fact of the matter is, no matter how outside the system a candidate might be, or thinks he or she is, once inside that system he or she becomes the system. If they resist, if they don’t follow the agenda, some ghost from their past magically appears and attempts to destroy them. Or they mysteriously die in a plane crash, or a kayaking accident, or shoot themselves in the back of the head. The paradigm cannot be overcome so long as the Federal Reserve exists, and the Federal Reserve cannot be destroyed so long as the paradigm exists, because the banksters created the paradigm through the Federal Reserve’s infinite money creation machine to facilitate their own perpetuity and invincibility. The more you operate inside the system, inside this paradigm, the more you fight and struggle within it to change it, the more deeply you become enslaved by it. Like a Chinese finger puzzle, you pull and pull and the harder you pull the tighter its grip becomes, when all along all you had to do was relax and stop fighting it, so that it slips right off.

Thus, the only power they have is our cooperation, and, conversely, the only real freedom we have is our non-cooperation. This goes against every fiber of our being, because we are taught to believe in the power of our vote, that so many before us have fought and died (in wars started over lies that had nothing to do with your own personal freedoms) to give you this right, a right so many people in other parts of the world would give their own lives to have. Gosh, you know, you just have to vote, don’t you? Understand that the ability to vote only serves to put people into power over you that you falsely call your servants. These “servants”, while presenting the illusion of bowing before your will, do not serve you at all. They serve people above them, people you cannot vote out of office, and are thus never threatened by the consequences of their own malfeasance, for which their puppets gladly fall upon their own swords. You keep voting the bums out of office, and yet the same agenda is served, while the ousted politicians go on to make millions working for the same corporations they whored themselves to while in office. What is accomplished, therefore? You have only inured yourself further in the mire of their own system.

Your first and greatest loyalty is to freedom. The Republic we’re fighting to save is a rotting corpse, dead since 1913. Accept it and move on. Like the Chinese finger puzzle, let us relax, and breathe, and stop fighting a leviathan that is fed by our own fruitless and foolish struggle to exert control over it. Let us turn our back on our masters, and walk away from them clutching at our feet. For to see the farm is to leave it, and without the power that we, ourselves, bestow upon them, by our enthusiastic cooperation and conformity, they are nothing. They are fat, bloated bags of gas, full of sound and fury yet signifying nothing.

Stop voting for their puppets; stop pretending that you’re capable of choosing candidates that will miraculously serve you and not them, as if you somehow possess powers beyond that of previous generations who sought to do the same. Do you think that politicians got elected by telling the People they planned on serving the money powers? There are 535 members of Congress and only one of them can be said to have a consistent record grounded in the Constitution. That’s not because people have been stupid and have consciously voted almost exclusively for establishment puppets generation after generation. The establishment isn’t called the establishment for nothing. Stop indulging in groupthink. Don’t look for a movement to be a part of, a movement that will only be co-opted by the establishment. Stop looking for saviors. Stop looking for something external to be a part of and start being part of your own life. Nothing else matters.