Friday, June 12, 2015

The Stateless Society: A Philosophical Approach

Man seems to have one fundamental trait: he loves to make things complicated. Perhaps it is a side effect of his advanced intellectual capabilities, to become disillusioned into thinking nothing worth having can ever be simple. He thinks that just because he is capable of solving complex problems, of reason, logic, etc, that the most complicated and convoluted solution for any given problem must therefore be the best. Another trait humans have that makes us unique is introspection: we have the ability to “look into the mirror,” see the error of our ways, and make whatever changes are necessary. Introspection is the purpose of this essay.

The collective egoic malaise most of mankind is trapped in, it seems to me, is the fundamental root cause of the State. We have taken all of the supposed problems and issues of daily life, tossed them into one basket, and created Leviathan, giving it the power to fix and maintain our lives for us so that we may lead what most of us erroneously believe to be the “simple life”.

Talk to almost anyone about the virtues of a stateless society and you'll receive one or more of a handful of stock answers based on the belief that, because the State allegedly handles specific issues for “the People,” this is somehow axiomatic and cannot possibly be changed. The State supposedly builds the roads, therefore the State must build the roads, otherwise roads won't be built. This is just one of many misconceptions about the State, which will all be addressed before I've finished.

Gravitating Back...

Strange the directions life takes you. For whatever reasons, what was once a growing and seemingly prospering website has lost its vitality. Not sure if it's because less people find my content interesting, or Google and/or Facebook are phasing out "unauthorized" sources of information, or what. It could be that I haven't written as much of my own material, which aside from some freak occurrences where random posts have gone viral, have always gotten the most views. This blog is free and I've decided it's not worth paying money for anymore.

Not to mention, I have less to write about these days. Gone are the days when I felt like I had to share every discovery with the world. It's not that I don't care, I just don't have the time anymore, time to read, to take notes, to compile and write a coherent presentation on life, the universe, and everything. I have a home now, and I am trying to be as productive and self-sufficient here as I can, and there is little time for blogging.

I swore off politics in my previous post here almost four years ago. Some of my ideas here will be viewed as political, but as I have become "anarchist" in the most radical sense you can probably imagine, my views are a-political. In fact my anarchist tendencies are driven more from a spiritual foundation - that you are your own person, you own yourself, and you are fully empowered and responsible for your life, your life alone, and no one else's. So any arguments against the State, for anarchy, voluntarism, liberty, etc, arise from there. There are many articles I've written to this effect on my Conscious Resonance (god I hate that name) website, which I will gradually move here before killing the site altogether.

Thanks for reading, please give your thoughts in the comment sections, and may you be happy and free. Namaste.