Monday, January 24, 2011


Everyone has a story. Everyone has inside knowledge. Everyone thinks they know something that you don’t, and it is your moral and intellectual obligation to listen to them. You’re being torn in all directions by the tidal forces of intellectual do-good-ism on a daily basis.

When you consider the truth, what is it that others have that you do not? An education? What good is an education nowadays anyway, establishment education being little more than an arm of the scientific dictatorship? Too often we worship authority, and become dazzled by credentials which, if you really stop and think about it, mean nothing, unless you have unwavering faith and confidence in the source of their credentials, their knowledge. If you wish to put faith in these institutions, and proxy your common sense to those you think are better or more qualified than you, that’s on you; be it a degree from Oxford, the local community college, or no degree at all, none of it makes you more qualified than I to determine truth.

    Peoples beliefs and conviction are, in almost every case, gotten at second hand and without examination, from authorities who have not themselves examined the questions at issue, but have taken them at second hand from other non examiners, whose opinions about them were not worth a brass farthing to begin with. – Mark Twain

No matter how many years one goes to school, the initiates are, just as you, a slave to those who told them what was true, and few of the initiates ever bother to question the credibility or motives of those who taught them or the veracity of the information they were taught. Your doctor will tell you how to keep yourself healthy, likely confident in his qualifications, having attended years of medical school believing he was being taught the cutting edge in health and healing technology and procedures. But who taught him these things, and who decided they were the end all, be all? How do you know he’s not promoting an agenda for other people, unbeknownst to him? If you believe anthropogenic global warming is an absolute fraud, how do you know vaccines aren’t a massive scam as well? Both groups promoting each are scientists. Is the white coat infallible? If not, how can you ever know what to believe?

Whatever this so-called truth movement is, there are myriad denominations within it insisting they’ve reached the bottom of the rabbit hole. They’re going to take you there, and if you follow or subscribe to anyone else and “their” theories, you’re being led astray. For myself, I remember beginning my journey towards awareness and consciousness, and becoming highly disheartened by the seemingly endless layers of the matrix that you had to find your way through, never knowing if you were learning the truth or being led astray by COINTELPRO or disinformation. There’s nothing more terrifying for the amateur truth seeker than the term controlled opposition. It is literally impossible to find a popular commentator, radio personality, alternative journalist, or documentary maker that hasn’t been “de-bunked” as controlled opposition of the New World Order. From Alex Jones ("Zionist agent") to Peter Joseph to David Icke, and everyone in between, all are accused of being agents of the Illuminati. If you degrade your critical thinking so that other people are thinking for you, your head quickly begins to spin, as you come to the realization that nothing is what it seems.

Sooner or later, hopefully, you remember: you’re an intelligent human being. Your mind has great power of perception and awareness, if you know how to apply it. And you begin to sift through the endless stream of information knowing that all you can do is have faith in yourself, and take what you feel makes sense and put the rest aside.

In this so-called truth movement, there is no one issue that embodies this more than the subject of religion and spirituality. Journeying into the spiritual is a highly personal experience, and no one can tell you what is true, what is real, or what is correct. I used to think it was my responsibility and right to point out the absurdity of organized religion to other people, not so much knowing what was real as I knew what was not real. But in the end, for most people, you are dealing with an aspect of their beliefs that is deeply ingrained in their egos, and thus any perceived attack on it will cause them to circle the wagons around it and recklessly and irrationally defend it, in spite of all so-called evidence. Once you understand this, you realize that not only are you incapable of changing people who are not willing or ready to change, but it’s not your responsibility anyway.

So is the new age religion (which isn’t new at all) a New World Order ploy to demolish organized religion and lead people on the path of Satan and away from faith in God? That is for the individual to decide. Those of this persuasion have convinced themselves that because “new age” pagan beliefs are, it is alleged, the beliefs of the global power elite, who we oppose, then A> these beliefs are vicariously evil and B> anyone promoting these beliefs is either an agent of the New World Order or a useful idiot. Conversely, many who believe organized religion is a scam accuse the faithful of the same. People must apply logic and intelligence to the equation, and ask themselves, does a belief become evil simply by association? It goes without saying that evil people are still capable of holding true beliefs, just as good people are capable of doing or believing in evil. Does it ever occur to those who defend religion against “new” age beliefs that the elite adhere to these because they are true, and play you off against themselves to create the idea that what they believe is evil and must be opposed (or, at least, disbelieved)? If you learn the truth behind real astrology – the gravitational and electromagnetic forces and resonant frequencies of celestial bodies and their effects on reality – you have to wonder why it is dismissed as a pseudo-science, and presented to the plebs as a ridiculous and easily deconstructed caricature of the actual science. And yet, as JP Morgan once said, millionaires don’t follow astrology; billionaires do. Was JP Morgan an eccentric who also happened to be one of the wealthiest men of his day, or did he know a secret people like him guarded because it gave them an advantage over the rest of us? That is, of course, for the individual to decide.

If you understand that there is disinformation out there, and controlled opposition, you have to be willing to question whether these tactics are being used to reinforce what you believe, just as much as you question if it’s being used to lead others astray. Like anthropogenic global warming, vaccines, or pharmaceuticals, etc, in all issues, including religion, we must ask: how do I know what I think I know; who told me, and why should I believe them? Do you really think God would be angry with you for exercising the free thought He supposedly endowed you with? How could He punish you for coming to a conclusion other than what you are told you must believe or be punished for it, if you used your best judgment and the, frankly, scarce information to base your conclusions on, as well as endless disinformation, politics, and misinterpretations? This is not a deconstruction of what people think; merely how people think.

What is real? What is truth? Can you really know for certain, confined to this reality, with only your meager five senses to guide you through it all? Throughout the aeons, the wise have always known that there is but one universal truth: the more you know, the more you know nothing, because anything you learn often replaces an earlier “truth”, yet is liable itself to be disproven at any time. If history is any indicator, everything you think you know will be proven untrue at some point in time. That’s not to say you have no grasp on reality and are in essence insane. It just means, do not be proud. Tame your arrogance. You’ll never know enough to consider yourself qualified to tell others what’s real, or what to think.

    Socrates did not believe that any man could be taught inasmuch as all men contain within themselves a divine wisdom which cannot be increased. Education therefore, as the word itself originally inferred, is a process by which wisdom is drawn out of man. – Manly P Hall

Of course I have my opinions on almost anything that you encounter on your way down the rabbit hole. I never know exactly what is, but I often have a relatively grounded grasp on what isn’t. But these judgments are for me, and for anyone who asks my counsel. I still have an ego that I’m wrestling with, so you will from time to time find me pretending I know what’s going on, but by and large this is my outlook on life. If I may offer some unsolicited advice, be less judgmental towards others in their beliefs, no matter how absurd you may think they are. Let us focus more on how we think, and less on what we think. And remember: no matter how far we tumble down the rabbit hole, we will never reach the bottom.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Food crisis imminent: get prepared

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you've been to the grocery store and you've seen with your own eyes the effects of inflation. We all know the dollar is being destroyed, and as it loses its reserve currency status and the demand for dollars plummets, regular people like you and I are going to feel the effects, hard core. This has only begun. I believe the time is not far off when food prices will escalate beyond most people's capability to afford it. Hard choices will have to be made: do I default on my mortgage or do I feed my family?

There are two essential avenues we can take to avoid a food crisis. One, we can buy seeds to grow our own food, and two, we can store food now while the dollar still has some relative value. I've joined up with eFoods Global, a marketing arm of eFoods direct, to help people store cost-efficient, space efficient, healthy and delicious storable food. If you've listened to the Alex Jones podcast, you've heard Alex rave about their products, and he's not exaggerating. Everything I've tried from eFoods is easy to prepare and absolutely delicious. The best part is, it's non-GMO and MSG free. In other words, it's food.

Click the banner below, and click the "try it" icon to order your 6 meal sample. As an eFoods Global dealer, you can encourage your friends and family to store up food for themselves, and earn free storable food for yourself in the process.

Those of us in the know realize hard times are ahead for us all. But they're only hard if we don't prepare. Most people don't know they should prepare, or if they do they don't know how. Learned helplessness is rampant in our society. Let's get out and empower people to take control of their lives while they still have time. As Alex says, in the fight for freedom, food is your biggest weapon. The government wants you dependent on them, so you'll bow to their demands. Not me. Not you. Let's get going.

Thanks for reading,