Thursday, June 9, 2011


Probably the most frightening words the fledgling truth seeker can ever encounter on his or her journey to consciousness is controlled opposition. Just when you think you’re on your way to uncovering the secrets of reality, the world, and the universe, sooner or later, if you surf the ether long enough, and especially if you, in your narcissism, invite enough people on your Facebook page, you’re going to run into people who will, if you let them, lead you to believe that nothing is real, not even the truth. This person or that is really an Israeli agent; this group or that is really a New World Order front. There’s not a person or group out there, from Alex Jones to David Icke to Peter Joseph (Zeitgeist) who hasn’t been so accused.

Sooner or later one has to silence the noise of doubt and realize that we are intelligent human beings, and are capable of deciphering the overwhelming amount of new information we encounter, in due time, deprogramming ourselves in our own personal way. At some point, if we are to continue to evolve, we must first understand that consciousness is a journey, not a destination, that the nature of reality is far too complex for our feeble minds and five senses to ever fully comprehend, and that what is most important for us to understand is what we should do with whatever information, whatever truth we feel we’ve uncovered.

    We see things not as they are, but as we are. – John Milton

Reality is subjective to the observer. What’s true for me won’t be true for you. Not entirely. We all have our own journeys, which mold our personality and ego. The ego in us loves to know more, know better, than others, and cannot accept alternative points of view, even though we often find ourselves battling with people who hate us for our points of view (our lack of patriotism, et al). The ego has no apparent sense of irony, nor shame for its blatant hypocrisy. Your ego would love for you to grasp tightly to some seemingly profound truth, and occupy your mind obsessing over beating people to death with it until they submit to it. In this, you inevitably bump heads with other people’s ego; an irresistible force meeting an immovable object.

The point to this is not to get carried away and distracted by whatever truth you may find, however profound it may seem to you. Understand that no matter what and how much you think you know, in the grand scheme of things you know nothing. This is not something to be discouraged about. It simply means that no matter how much you discover, there will always be more to discover. What can be disheartening about that? How boring would total omniscience be?

    The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind. – Kahlil Gibran

We all have our own journeys, our own sufferings to overcome. We do no one a service fighting over whose understanding of reality is superior to the other. Information is value neutral; if it’s a lie, no one could – or at least no one should – tell you it’s a lie. If you think you know, and someone wants to know, they’ll ask; if we throw it in their face they will shut you out and hear nothing, and only your own ego will find satisfaction. If approached we should not demand they see things the way we do, but rather encourage them to abandon preconceived notions about the way one is supposed to think, or how others may think of them if they don’t conform to what the mob’s delicate sensibilities expect them to think, and just look at the facts with an open mind. If the true nature of reality were as obvious as we make it seem to be, would anyone need you to point it out to them?

Once you get the message, put the phone down. No matter how deep into the rabbit hole you think you’ve gone, it always goes deeper. Ask yourself if what you obsess over is really worth obsessing over, in the grand scheme of things. Does the true story behind Bin Laden’s death, for example, mean anything if the elite are about to crush the economy and plunge us all into a second Great Depression, far more catastrophic than the first? Have you ever stopped to think that, while the elite would prefer you buy their insultingly stupid stories hook, line and sinker like most people do, they still exert a great deal of control over you by directing your energies away from real issues you actually have control over – your own self-sufficiency, your own survival, your physical, mental, and spiritual health, to name some examples? The food supply is horrifically and terminally toxic. The global economy is going to collapse, so that even the garbage they call food won’t be available to you. Donald Trump is running for president. He wants to see Obama’s birth certificate! Anthony Weiner took pictures of his penis and sent them out to other women, and his wife is pregnant! Bin Laden had porn in his “compound”. Which makes the headlines?

Control is illusory. There is nothing more laughable than to think the global elite are meeting in Switzerland, and our future as a species is in their hands. They only have power because we give it to them. Don’t give it to them. Don’t recognize their authority. Don’t even humor them for a minute. Your power is only theirs by your willful consent. The belief that you can take that power back from them is a form of control – it implies the power belongs to them in the first place. It doesn't. Never did, never will. Take a breath. You control your future. You are your own person. Believe that you are free, act like you are free, and you will be free. Everything else is noise.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Of all the many layers of control in this onion of scientific fascism we live in, one of the most effective methods used is learned helplessness. It is the umbrella that all other facets of control rest under. When the control grid breaks down, when reality becomes too overwhelming for even the most unconscious subject to ignore, when the plebs would otherwise take to riot and violence, there is always the final safeguard of learned helplessness. This can be summed up as both the recognition of the way things are, yet surrendering to the idea that there’s nothing you can do about it anyway.

For this reason, many people become angry and animated at people like me for trying to warn them of what’s happening, what’s about to happen. They have a feeling things are about to get bad, or are already bad, but feel there’s nothing they can do to stop it so they just pretend it doesn’t exist, and excoriate anyone who reminds them. And who can blame them? What is coming will be nothing short of barbaric, with any number of factors playing out scenarios that include money becoming so worthless you cannot afford the food on the shelves, to there not being any food on the shelves even if you could afford it. Depending on the policies enacted by the government, the sky’s the limit. What we know is that there is an open, stated agenda to annihilate national sovereignty through economic devastation as a segue to global government and a one world currency under control of the banking and scientific elite.

    "For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure--one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it. – David Rockefeller, Memoirs, pps 405 – 406

It is difficult for someone like me to resist the urge to belittle and cast scorn upon people who, when faced with a potentially life threatening situation, throw their hands at it and head to the bar to get hammered. Or bury their minds in the television, worrying about who will come out on top in their favorite reality (sic) TV show, as opposed to solving the problems that they will be forced to face should the economy continue to deteriorate. I must constantly remind myself that learned helplessness is carefully engineered in these people, over the course of many decades, so that they either give up in life threatening situations, their survival instincts psychologically eradicated from their minds, or they proxy out such responsibilities to others they are taught are smarter and more important than they are.

Having been shoved through the same meatgrinder as everyone else, I don’t know why my survival instincts remain in tact while that of the majority does not. There was something about the crash of ’08 and my ignorance of its causes that drove me to learn about what was going on, and, rather than give in to the seeming helplessness of the situation upon learning how bad it really was, spend the last 3 years preparing for the day when the grid we are all slaves to could no longer support me. One factor surely was the knowledge that this collapse is engineered, by design, to foment a new system of global governance. With this knowledge there’s no point hoping things will return to “normal”, no point looking to smarter and more important people to fix things. The people we look to to fix the crisis are the same criminals who are causing it. Only in this insane world do we look to the arsonist to put out the fire!

It would seem to me that, upon realization and acceptance that, at least under the current paradigm, things are not going to get better, ever, and that no one is going to come to my aid and defense as the situation continues to deteriorate, the solution to this problem becomes self-evident – that is, if you value your life above your possessions and your social standing, which is completely fake and superficial in the first place. What do you need in order to continue to breathe, for your heart to continue beating? Irrespective of your shallow and imbecilic belief that you would die without your television, all you need in order to survive is food, water, shelter and protection. That you think life reduced to such simplicity would be too mundane to bear is a product of their programming: that you need an iPod or a flat-screen TV or the hottest car in order to be fulfilled.

There are millions of Americans who have none of these, who live in abundance and joy, not to mention pride, in procuring all of life’s necessities by their own hand and sweat. Nature is their television; the wildlife in their yard is the cast in their favorite reality show. Many of these people once lived in an urban environment and, for any number of reasons, took a leap of faith and moved to a rural area and stuck a cutting spade into the soil and started from scratch. Myself being one of them. There is really no excuse for not cutting the chord from the control grid you’ve been leaching off of your whole life, no excuse except addiction to luxury, also known as sloth. For most, becoming self-sufficient is not an option, because helplessness and dependency is a part of who they are. Freedom is alien to them.

What point now in trying to warn these people of the inevitable, unstoppable economic apocalypse we find ourselves on the verge of? I suppose there is the hope, against hope, that I might strike a nerve in someone – anyone – who will find the spark inside of them to take responsibility for their lives, to take back control, to turn off their TV and surgically remove their ass from their couch. If the words in this essay reach the eyes of one still plugged in, who, while enjoying the comforts of modern living would rather turn his or her back on it and live rather than cling to it and die, consider:


    The price of food has risen drastically in recent years and, due mostly to the Fed's destructive monetary policies, coupled with natural disasters that have depleted our already taxed industrial food supply, will not stop rising for the foreseeable future. How long before prices rise beyond your ability to afford them? This is inevitable because it's the agenda, and they have at their disposal the tools - namely the printing press - to assure its fulfillment.

    Food is actually secondary to clean drinking water in terms of survival, if only because you’d die without water much quicker than you would without food, but nevertheless you need both. First and foremost you’ll need a store of food to eat while you prepare your garden and await the harvest. To this end, a six-month supply for everyone in your household is minimal, although since chances are you know nothing about growing food, you’ll probably want more as you cultivate experience and hone skills through trial and error in the field. Probably the cheapest and highest quality food I’ve seen that’s not laced with toxic additives and genetically modified “foods” is eFoods Global or eFoods Direct. They are GMO and MSG-free, and require only water for basic preparation. They’re also pretty decent tasting.

    As far as your garden, assuming your capital limits you to the most basic fundamentals of gardening tools, you will need a quality cutting spade, a garden fork, a hoe and a garden rake. You will also need a composting bin(s) but these can be made for little or no money using recycled materials; sites such as Mother Earth News are good for DIY projects like this. Growing food is more about soil cultivation than plant cultivation; properly cultivate the soil and the plants take care of the rest. Composting is an integral part of this process, especially as your harvests deplete the soil of nutrients. Consider also a worm compost: worms eat almost all plant wastes and their castings are second-to-none in soil nutrients.

    Your seeds should be non-GMO and organic, so stay away from large industrial seed producers like Burpee; the USDA’s standards on what is “organic” is flawed and corrupt. Some of the brands I’ve come to trust are Stokes Seeds and Seeds of Change. You should choose crops that are easy to grow and high in nutrient value. Corn is delicious but severely lacks nutrition and devastates the soil it’s grown in, requiring more effort on your part to rejuvenate it for the next season. Personally my garden includes zucchini, mixed lettuces, tomatoes, carrots, black beans, cucumbers, broccoli, celery, kale, rainbow chard, cilantro, basil, green onions, and muskmelon (cantaloupe). Next year’s garden will be far more diverse. As my skills and knowledge expand, so will the size and diversity of my garden, with the ultimate goal of never buying produce from the store again (the time for that is running out anyway).


    Even pure, natural sources of water will contain pathogens that will make you sick if you drink it. You should never drink untreated water. For the time being, we still have running water. This water is polluted with toxic additives like chlorine and fluoride and should never be drunk without further filtration on your part. I personally have a Berkey water filter system. It claims to be able to filter stagnant pond water, not to mention fluoride, although I would personally boil such water before putting it through a filter, just in case. You should also learn how to build and use a solar still, an essential skill for the day when your Berkey has filtered its last gallon of water.


    In the post-collapse world, with such a large percentage of the population completely unprepared, in their desperation they will prey upon the small minority of people who have the means to feed and hydrate themselves. It will be an unfortunate situation, forcing us to defend ourselves and our property against those who, while having only themselves to blame, are only desperate to survive. Nonetheless if you do not have enough to let people just come and take what you have, you will need to protect yourself. Do your own research on what type of home defense weapon(s) you need, and then make sure you have plenty of ammo. Finally, learn how to use and service your weapon properly and safely.

    Off-grid Energy

    If you have capital left over after stocking your house with food and making preparations to cultivate a garden, and have adequate defense for yourself, your family, and your property, you will want to procure an alternative energy source so your basic power needs will be met in the very likely event that you lose access to power, for whatever reason, in the near future. I picked up a 45-watt solar panel kit and a 2000-watt converter from Harbor Freight, which ran me about $320. Eventually I will daisy chain the whole system up to a marine battery, and make improvements as needed so I can at least power my refrigerator. This little contraption is relatively small and very portable.

Consider a worst case scenario: You have lost your job. Food prices have gotten so bad you’ve been forced to make a choice between eating and paying your mortgage. You choose to eat. The bank sends a SWAT team to your house to evict you. You have no friends or family willing or able to help you. The city streets are already flooded with people begging others to help them, but there are fewer and fewer people able or willing to. Homeless shelters have been put out of business by the overwhelming number of people in need added to the skyrocketing costs of food and energy. Do you just wander around with your hands outstretched crying about the woe and depravity your life has turned into?

Learned helplessness says yes, that is what you would do, so don’t consider the possibility, and, in order to make yourself feel even better about your complete helplessness and dependency, laugh at and ridicule anyone who takes such very real possibilities seriously and makes preparations to protect themselves from them. This has become the social norm these days, conformity to self-destructiveness. Keepin it real. All we need is a good time. The good life. It’s all fake. Its fakeness will be made manifest in short order, and if it’s all your life consists of, all that will be left for you is suffering.

Ignorance may indeed be bliss, but on the other hand, there is something far more real, more serene, in knowing. If you’re aware, you can prepare. If you’re prepared, there is nothing to fear. Some people accuse me of cheerleading the end of the world as we know it, looking forward to the day when the economy collapses and the gates of hell are flung open. I suppose I can say I am guilty. But only because I know that not only does what they are doing make such an outcome inevitable, whether it’s purposeful or not, I know it is in fact purposeful, and thus the chances of the old world surviving are absolute zero. The old paradigm has almost completely faded away and it’s time for us who are ready to move into the new paradigm and leave those clinging to the old behind, painful as it will be. Do I delight in this? Yes and no. Yes for myself, because I will be fulfilled (not to mention alive), and my life will have real meaning and purpose. I will be healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Those who will not survive, I will mourn. I mourn them already. But it’s coming whether we wish for it or not, so I say let’s get it over with. No fear.