Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bread and Circus

It is often said that old habits die hard. If you take a moment to consider how habits and conditionings are formed from the time we’re born, how our minds are molded so that our thoughts come to be thought for us before we even think them, compounded over many years, it’s a wonder these habits ever die at all. From time to time I still take myself back and reflect on the way I was, how far I’ve come, and how lucky I am that, despite being thrust through the same meat grinder as everyone else, I am here, awakened, becoming more aware.

And it is at times such as in recent days that I am reminded that awareness is not a destination, it’s a journey, and that it is easy to be taken off the path, as remnants of your egoic conditioning distract you from what is. The supposed killing of the already dead Osama bin Laden this week, with all that this signifies, on so many levels, was a difficult event to ignore no matter how conscious you are.

Of course, Osama bin Laden is a CIA creation, once a CIA asset given the codename Tim Osman. We know that Bill Clinton, while president, was offered Bin Laden on a silver platter by Sudan, where Bin Laden resided at the time, and he turned the offer down. We know that, in July of 2001, just weeks before the 9-11 attacks, he spent nearly two weeks in an American hospital in Dubai, and was visited by his CIA handlers. We know that, during the assault on Tora Bora, the compound was only surrounded on three sides, allowing him and his aids to escape to Pakistan. We know that top al Qaeda and Taliban officials were airlifted by our military into Pakistan - the so-called airlift of evil. We know that, since December 2001, when he was first reported dead by Fox News, the very rare occasions where we actually saw Bin Laden on video were obvious imposters. We are to believe that this highly wealthy man lived in a Pakistan mansion (for SIX YEARS) where he met his supposed demise, yet could only find the means to release audio tapes, which we were never privy to but the CIA assured us was Bin Laden. And we know that, for all our celebrating of the death of the supposed mastermind of 9-11, which we know was a false flag black-op carried out by criminal elements of the United States and Israeli governments, 9-11 is not even listed as among his crimes on his FBI most-wanted website, per lack of evidence he was involved in the attack, which only his CIA-contrived imposters ever confessed to.

We know all this; the sleeping masses do not. But it’s not for lack of information. It’s not like we have access and they do not. We want to know, they do not. For in their egoic, hive-mind reality, to even consider such issues, which would consequently prompt an investigation, is a grave offense against their sense of patriotism, which is part of who they think they are. “I am an American. I am a patriot. You are anti-American. You hate your country.” The most important thing you can bring to the table is the acceptance that you are powerless to change this, because you are not dealing with an intelligence that responds to reason and logic; you’re fighting the ego, and the ego will wipe the floor with you every time no matter how eloquent and coherent your argument is.

The fake news of Bin Laden’s demise was red meat thrown at us to generate a reaction. For most, this reaction was patriotic fervor. Chest thumping. Relief. For others, it was amusement and disgust that people could be so easily mislead. And for me, this is a habit that has yet to die in me. Upon reflection, I understand this, and I’ve resolved not to further dignify it all by continuing to talk about it. There is little I can do to enlighten people to the deception they willfully subscribe to, and by casting judgment on their own egoic shortfalls, I do nothing but let my own ego off its leash.

The consciousness of the collective is indeed quite insane. We cannot bring about a shift to sanity, to awareness, without first bringing it to ourselves. The individual makes up the collective. If you are not fully conscious, how can you bring consciousness to others – how can you say to your brother there is a splinter in your eye, when there is a log in your own? In the attempt, you unwittingly increase unconsciousness in yourself. And that is what the death of Osama bin Laden was intended to do. In the unawakened, it healed an old wound that was illusory to begin with. And in those who were semi-awake, it caused us to relapse into insanity, wasting our energies on bread and circus while the real issues of the day were forgotten, or lessened in significance. Did Bin Laden’s death obliterate the deficit? Did it erase the national debt? Did it decrease the money supply, lower oil and food prices, bring jobs back to America, put Monsanto out of business, stop water fluoridation, reverse the radiological contamination from Fukushima, etc, etc, etc?

No? Well okay then. Bin Laden is but one illusion in an ocean of illusion. Even if it had not happened, there would still be illusion. Even though the people were becoming restless about the economy, which is a large reason the regime needed this event, though it will do little for them, most people think it’s an ideological struggle and thus something that can be repaired at the voting booth. Meanwhile, their pantries are empty, except maybe for alcohol. In their minds, only kooks and conspiracy theorists prepare for economic collapse, and they will gleefully follow this programming to suffering and death.

But at least we killed Bin Laden.