Friday, July 10, 2015

Empowerment and Entitlement

It is both an alarming and sobering fact that most people are indoctrinated with an indomitable and terminal sense of entitlement. Even those who fashion themselves as aware, who identify many of the problems of the world, often still cling to the establishment paradigm, cling to "democracy", groupthink, and collectivism to solve their problems, unable to comprehend that their solutions are actually the source of the problems.

The fundamental reason democracy (and whatever child of democracy we've tried - "republicanism", whatever) has failed is, aside from proxying out our own personal responsibility to our own lives to people no sane person could ever believe would have our best interests at heart, is that slowly, incrementally, over many generations, money powers have bought off nearly every aspect of society. This became inevitable with the birth of central banks, most notably the United States Federal Reserve system - a private banking cartel with a monopoly on fiat currency creation. Sane people can imagine the power one would have if he could create as much money as he wanted, and dole out that money without oversight, scrutiny; with impunity. Our entire government is bought and paid for, so that there is virtually no distinction between corporation and State.

Most "activists" can see this disease, but their cure is to continue to petition the government. In every issue imaginable, they can see that corporate interests not only own the vast majority of our politicians, but worse, own the fascist alphabet bureaucracies, the unelected bodies that make most of our "laws". And yet, rather than call to opt out of this fake system, time after time, as politicians and bureaucrats move to guard corporate profits and suffocate the free market, the call is to contact your "representatives", or the relevant government regulatory bureaucracy (the FDA, USDA, etc). It's a sickness, an insanity, that is painful to watch.

We are indoctrinated, from nearly the time of birth, to think that the only "voice" we have, the only way to affect change in society, the only way to "participate", is through the democratic process. It is so ingrained in our collective psyche that even as we correctly identify that this system is fundamentally and terminally poisoned, we still think the democratic process is the magic pill to finally, once and for all, after generations of trying, "take back our country". Slogans such as "United we stand, divided, we fall," "Yes, we can!" and other collectivist jingos are hypnotically implanted in our minds to rob us of any sense of individual empowerment. So we still make the phone calls, we still - albeit in dwindling numbers (glorious) - flock to the voting booth. We still expect others to do our thinking for us, to take action on our behalf, knowing that those "others" will only use whatever issue is at hand to expand their own wealth and power, at the expense of our own personal liberties. We know it, we're angry about it, yet we continue the insanity.

I want to do this one thing, in this world and with my life, and I want to do it with unwavering conviction: I want to set the minds of Men free. To me, there is only one way to do this. "Free" isn't actually what you do with your life. Your actions are secondary. There is only this: your sense as an individual. Your sense of self-ownership. Of responsibility. The more responsibility you take for your life, the more empowered you are, the freer you are; the less power the State has. When you take back your power, which "they" only have because you gave it to them, the solutions for your own life become obvious. It's simply a question on unlearning everything you've learned, everything the State indoctrinated you with for its own sake. There is no "we". There is no "us". There is you, and your sphere of influence - your body, your immediate family, your property.

No one else will save you. No one else can save you.