Thursday, September 3, 2015


As by now the whole country knows, there is a county clerk somewhere in Kentucky that refuses to grant marriage licenses to gay couples because it is contrary to God's law, i.e., immoral. We as individuals are free to harbor our own individual morality of course, but to me and, no doubt, most people of the anarchist/voluntarist leaning, the irony has not been lost that a woman who is standing by "morals" is in the employment of the State.

To most people, i.e. the mob, who are indoctrinated statists (and thus worthy of our sympathy), the concept that it is immoral to work for the State may seem a bit hazy. After all, our society has become such a bureaucracy-choked morass that, at best, we have become numb to the army of bureaucrats we have to deal with on a daily basis; at worst, we think they are necessary. But while many people feel contempt and loathing for the stereotypical welfare whore who lives in government housing, sits around eating Cheetos and Dr Pepper, and makes more babies to be dependent on the State, few if any realize that the bureaucrat is actually more harmful to society.

Let us clear the air: to begin, taxation is theft. There is no other way to describe it, despite what you have been indoctrinated into believing. For most of us, we do not pay taxes. Taxes are taken from us, before the wages we have worked for and are thus entitled to have been given to us. For others, such as the self-employed, taxes must be payed, or, eventually, law enforcement will be called upon to kidnap and hold them hostage at gunpoint. If they resist sufficiently, they are killed. If this were done by any other entity, say, a gang or the Mafia, we would call it what it is: criminal. But since it is government, it is legal, and, per state indoctrination, legal is moral. You must pay your taxes. It is your patriotic and therefore moral obligation. What the statist must, but cannot, answer, is the simple question: If I take 100% of the fruit of a man's labor, that is considered slavery, and this is obvious to anyone. But at what percentage can I confiscate a man's production that is not considered slavery?

With this is mind, we see that all public sector employees live off of stolen money. It doesn't matter if what they do is an actual service to society. If that were so, then there would obviously be a demand for that service in a free market.

Further, a government job is not a job. It's a welfare program. This includes the DMV clerk, the police officer, the soldier; anyone employed by government. And more often than not, public sector employment exists for the sole purpose of extracting more revenue from the private sector. So while the stereotypical section 8 or trailer trash welfare recipient does nothing productive to earn an income, not only is the public sector welfare parasite equally unproductive, they further harm society by robbing the citizenry of even more money, in the form of fines, levees, fees, etc.

Take, for example, the meter maid, who is to me the epitome of this entire fraud. The citizen is robbed, i.e. taxed, we are told, so that, among other things, roads can be built and maintained. So the citizen is robbed to pay for the roads, and then they often must pay to park on them. From the stolen tax money and parking meter fees, a person is then paid to make sure you've paid to park on the road you've already paid for, and if you have not sufficiently paid, he or she will leave a ticket on your windshield requiring you to pay more money. This ticket, ultimately, is a threat of violence. If you do not pay it, not only will the ransom demand be increased, but if it is not paid, a warrant for arrest may be issued. Your license to drive may be suspended. If you are pulled over without a license, your property (car) will be stolen, and you may be kidnapped and held hostage and ransom (bail) will be demanded. If you resist being kidnapped, physical harm may be visited upon you, up to and including death. Over a parking ticket you were under no moral obligation to pay in the first place.

So much of our society is overrun with similar atrocities, which is beyond the scope of this essay and could be represented in a book of considerable size (and has probably already been written). Cops, department of motor vehicles, toll collectors, tax collectors, ATF, FDA, USDA, CDC, EPA, and all fascist, unelected corporatist bureaucracies exist for one sole and solitary purpose: they are paid for, with your stolen tax dollars, to take more money from you, often by selling you your own natural rights back to you, such as the right to travel (driver's license), your right to provide sustenance for your family (fishing and hunting licenses), your right to bear arms (gun licenses), your right to grow and sell food, your right to do whatever you want on your own property (building permits, zoning laws, etc), your right to enter into legal contracts with other consenting adults (marriage licenses), etc. They are the dregs of society, infinitely more harmful than the welfare queens we think we hate. They are a symptom of a more fundamental disease.

That disease is the State, and our belief in and reliance upon it. And if you work for the State, and you want to talk about morality, first quit your "job".