Monday, July 12, 2010

Links on health, survival, gardening and sustainable agriculture, and current events

It occured to me that since I'm not going to be doing much with this blog anymore, it would be helpful to my readers if I produced a resource guide that I used to educate and inform myself and others. I hope you find it useful.

Current Events

  • Drudge. Obviously.
  • The best libertarian commentary and news on the web. Don't forget the blog and the podcasts.
  • The Raw Story. Sometimes too far to the left on issues like the environment, and caught up in the false left/right paradigm, but indispensable for anti-war and civil liberties topics.
  • Kind of like a Drudge Report for government conspiracies and criminality.
  • Alternet. Like Raw Story on steroids when it comes to the left/right paradigm. Over-obsessed with the tea party and establishment talking heads like Beck. But strong on health, civil liberties, and the bankster-perpetrated economic collapse.
  • Name says it all.
  • All economy, all the time.
  • Info Wars and Prison Planet. Say what you want about AJ, these sites and their reporting are indispensable.


  • Natural News. It's best to sign up for their news letter. It comes daily and always has at least one item of interest in terms of your health, what's in the food you're eating, the effects of the Gulf spill, etc. The website also has excellent reference information on toxic food additives, natural cancer treatments, and more.
  • Sign up for the news letter for daily reports on natural health. Also has excellent references on food toxins and natural remedies for almost everything that might ail you.
  • Dr Lima Laibow's website on Codex Alimentarius. If you don't know what Codex is, watch Nutricide!

Gardening and Sustainable Agriculture

  • Mother Earth News. The best in homesteading, organic gardening, renewable energy, landscaping, DIY projects, etc. Sign up for the newsletter.
  • Everything you could possibly need for growing your own food, from chicken coop and greenhouse DIY plans, to free tips on how to start a garden market. Excellent resources.
  • Backyard Food Production. Get the DVD. You'll be glad you did.
  • Solutions from Science. Products and services on how to store food, seeds for growing food, organic fertilizer, solar power generator, and more. Try to ignore the proselytizing.


That's all I could think of off the top of my head. If I think of more I'll add them, and any suggestions are appreciated. My advice is, go to the store and buy plenty of printer ink and a binder or two, and start printing up everything you find useful. It's not enough to have the information on your computer, since you won't be able to access it if the grid collapses and you don't have back-up power (get back-up power!).

I hope you are all prepared/preparing. We've passed the point where we can safely say there's plenty of time. Good luck and love to you all. -- Steve