Saturday, July 3, 2010


For a while now I've tried to resist the urge to call it a day and go underground, just trying to figure out for myself and those closest to me how best to prepare for what's to come. I honestly believe that the best and most productive way to change the world is to change myself, and I think I'm on that road, though with miles to go. I've continued to write in this blog because it's difficult to know what's coming and not say anything, but it's difficult not to feel that you're either preaching to the choir or casting pearls before swine.

I like to write so I can't say this will be my last post. I am constantly reading, constantly learning, and I enjoy sharing what I know with others. This blog has been my contribution, my effort, to try to stop and reverse what they're doing. In that endeavor I believe we have all failed, because the only way to fight an illegitimate system is to refuse to acknowledge its existence. When you go to protests, when you call your congressman, when you go to the voting booth, when you turn on your television, you acknowledge and thus empower that system. If you're fighting the system you're a slave to it; no one rules if no one obeys.

Who can deny The People no longer have a voice in this former republic? We didn't want Obamacare. They voted for it anyway. We want the government to stop spending, and stop bailing out corrupt corporations; they spend and bail out anyway. We're tired of the war we know is immoral; they have no intention of ever leaving. And they will push through the climate bill, whether by partisan vote in Congress or by executive order. They will shut down or severely limit your internet use. The police state will continue to clamp down. There is nothing you can do; if you vote the bums out the money powers will just give you two new candidates to choose from, each promising to continue the agenda (or else). Again, we've lost because we are operating within a system that, through no real fault of our own (we weren't alive when this happened), has been rigged so we can never win. But that is what's beautiful about it: all we have to do is realize the only real power they have is the power we give to them, and it ends, immediately, at the drop of a hat.

So that is my message to you. STOP. Get out of the political process. If you cannot resist the urge to vote, vote locally only, and insist that candidates resist and nullify Federal tyranny. Your local Sheriff has more authority over his jurisdiction than POTUS. And as always, the real power is with you. Asses off couches. Get up and take control of your life. Your helplessness has been deliberately engineered into your psyche. Unlearn it. Grow and raise your own food. Or starve; eat poison. Get off the power grid. Or pay astronomically high electric bills; freeze to death; die of heat stroke. Remove yourself in every way from their Matrix, and realize how little power they really have.

These are the final hours; I have no doubt about that. Even those asleep must have at least a subconscious sense of unease, like something bad is about to happen. It will be worse than they, indoctrinated with American triumphalism and exceptionalism, are capable of imagining. It may be this month or the next; six months or a year. The economy will crash, the social structure will break down, martial law will be declared. If they haven't figured this out by now, my friends they never will.

If you want to change the world, consider first changing yourself. This is a timeless, universal rule. Fellow human beings, you are my brothers and sisters. No matter where we are, no matter where we end up, I am with you.


  1. well said bro, I have gone through some serious thoughts myself in the past week now. You know just as well as I do I have been awake for quite sometime, If we all want to make an impact, Call Comcast - Verizon - or Dish Network, Let them know you will be turning off your cable internet and phone service.... Cell phones in the trash... I know how hard it is to not have A FORM OF COMMUNICATION WITH OTHERS, so some sort of phone will do, but make it simple, a pre paid throw away with no names or credit card info involved, NO GPS Bullshit either, simple. Grow your own food!!!! Make your own Candy or Cakes from scratch... No Box Bullshit... Add Fruit to it!!!! If it says ORGANIC!!!! READ THE BOX!!!!!! don't trust anyone who calls their product NATURAL!!!!

  2. Profound to say the least. And how much more interesting that many people are feeling the same "internal pull". Lately, my head is buzzing, spinning... ready to explode with all that I have learned in the last four years and all I continue to learn through reading. Lately, a not too unpleasant feeling (like lifting out of my body has been happening)has been occuring along with vivid dreams, premonitions and increased discernment of current events... all of which affirm that something tangible is indeed happening. Cultures long gone have tried to tell us that something significant is going to happen and soon. This is more than just end-times rhetoric, there are actual scientifically predicted events that will affect human existence on this planet and will ultimately affect human conciousness as well. In a way, it is rather funny that TPTB, who are panicking in a most tangible way about the global awakening of mankind, are so unable to do anything about it. This is the ultimate paradox: everything up to this point has been controlled and yet things are more out of control than ever. It is a well written play; good and evil characters, a plot with rising tension, people behind the scenes making it all happen.... What a wonderful (although scary at times) time to be alive! The problem is how to keep everything in perspective, remain calm and centered and not go mad as a hatter. Personally, I know that we are experiencing this increasing polarization of forces for a reason. The 'world' as we know it cannot continue on it's current trajectory... there must be a resolution between who we are and what we can be that cannot include lies, corruption, tyranny and hate. It must come down to this for full awakening to occur... no remnant of the false paradigms can or will remain intact. It will be a time of labor pains before mankind can be truly reborn.