Saturday, October 29, 2011

Moving On...

This is my last post on this blog. The eBook is written, and I've created a new website to host it and to post news and views I find important. It will be updated daily. The time for politics is past. I realize you will probably cling to it but it is really too left-brained for where we're ultimately headed. I have no problem being ahead of my time in that respect. I will try to prepare as best I can for what's coming - physically, mentally, and, most importantly, spiritually. Politics isn't going to stop what's coming. Voting the bums out, for the Nth time won't stop what's coming. You either believe that or you don't. Godspeed.

The website:

The eBook:



  1. I don't know hy people still buy into it.
    good luck with the book

  2. Not many comments yet, word will spread; this is a remarkable work, it should future generations as a guide to what really happened to our "civilization". Astrology is a fact, but there was a "creator", I am sure you will admit. Check out the Bible again, it says yoke, not yolk - or are we enveloped in an embyro? The Bible says too, that only the elect are saved, we have nothing to do with our salvation.