Friday, February 3, 2017

Be the Light

In today's world, as the old, outdated institutions of the passing dark age crumble, it is easy to get lost in a maelstrom of negativity and gloom. This is a time of great tribulation, and thus it is imperative to be on guard that our ego not take us further into the depths, when the world so desperately needs us to ascend.

The problem, in our minds at least, because we are still so ego-dominated, even those of us who fashion ourselves “spiritual”, is not so much “us” as it is “other people”. The world is in darkness as much because of the small, powerful elite that control everything as it is because of the masses who are ignorant to it all, despite this being an information age, despite the tyranny and decay accelerating and climaxing around us, despite what we see clearly as the obviousness of it all. These people, the sheeple, we hate them because we've awoken, and now we have to lay in the mud with a boot on our necks until they get with the program.

This is pure ego, if you recognize it; the ego loves to be better. Above the fray. Outside the box. Superior. You silly people, don't you see? Why don't you see? We ask the question - why don't you see? – but we don't put much thought into the answer. It's more of a rhetorical question motivated by disgust than an actual desire to know.

It seems to me that many in the know of the true scope and depth of this calamity, as well as those responsible, are so singularly obsessed with exposing these crimes and the overall conspiracy that there isn't much of anything else to them. You read their Facebook newsfeeds, or their online weblogs, or actually have a face-to-face conversation with them, and all you see or hear is chemtrails, bankster oligarchy, false flags, war profiteering, eugenics, fascism/corporatism, etc. It is all darkness, all shadow, all the time.

I feel it is necessary to be mindful that these so-called sheeple we denigrate are put through the meat grinder of establishment indoctrination from practically the time they are born. Out of the womb, they are immediately dosed with mind-destroying vaccines. Their baby formula is poisoned with fluoride and MSG. Vaccines, vaccines, and more vaccines. God only knows what poison their parents continue to feed them. And in school, they are taught exactly what to think, with the only emphasis on how to think being to be sure to think exactly like everyone else. These people are victims. We tend to be mindful enough to feel compassion and love towards someone suffering from vaccine-induced autism or other neurological or autoimmune disorders, yet we don't realize that we've all been damaged; the differences being only in degree.

Part of that indoctrination is a deification of the State and Establishment which presents itself as a comfortable, secure little womb we can all rest in, as the myriad responsibilities of survival – food … water ... clothing … shelter – are provided for us, allowing us to revel in distraction and trivium. So that when you, the Superior, Awakened One, tries to explain to the slave that he or she is, in fact, a slave, that their entire reality, neatly constructed for them since they exited the womb, is wholly fictitious and illusory, a programmed defense mechanism within their subconscious activates, and their pre-programmed response spews from their mouth without them even having to think about it. Conspiracy theorist!You just hate America!Why don't you just move to Somalia if you don't like it here! Thus you have just spoken the truth to them, yet their ego, protecting its identity, just circled the wagons, so that they've heard the truth, and not only don't accept it; they hate it, and you for speaking it. They are now all the more unlikely to awaken. And so are you, because their reaction informs your impression of those beneath you who reject the truth as you see it. You elevate yourself further, while shoving them down lower.

My own past experience in this has formed my perceptions today. When I started to become awakened to these deeper, hidden truths, I realized that many of them were known to me all along; my ego just suppressed them. I accepted lies that insulted my soul, and when I finally stopped believing them in my mind, how quickly I forgot that most people still plugged in suffer from the same pathology I just “cured” myself of. And so they became, to me, the sheeple. The idiots. The Statists, the shills.

I feel fortunate and grateful that I have been able to focus my mind into awareness not only of the real state of the world, of what we laughingly call “civilization”, but of my own responsibility within it, towards myself and towards other people. As far as other people are concerned, my responsibilities to them are exactly this: none. The responsibility to save other people is almost always born out of the egoic urge to be superior to them, to make yourself into their Savior. And in that context, I know that it does absolutely no good to constantly remind people of the shadow, of the darkness, in which they are already aware of, if only at a subconscious level. Besides, in this Hell of a world we've built for ourselves, every brick of it was laid by people we looked to as “saviors”.

Imagine a world where everything was one color – say, red. Everybody was born into this red world, and, to them, there are no colors at all, because you can't know color except when contrasted by different colors. Then comes along someone who runs around and gets in everyone's face, screaming, “Everything is red! Don't you see?! It's all red!” Everyone would think this person was crazy, because red is so ingrained in their collective psyche that they don't even know it's red. The only way to show these people they're stuck in a world of red would be to show them the blue, the green, the yellow, etc.

Similarly, in a world where, at least politically, darkness and shadow so prevails, pointing out the darkness and shadow will not have a positive effect on anyone. You are trying, violently, to destroy their life-long reality, their identity, by shoving the “truth” down their throat. How can you not expect them to gag and spit? How can you not expect that they will hate and fear you for it, hate and fear what you're trying to tell them, so that the same emotions, the same impression, will arise again and again every time someone else says anything similar, no matter how coherently, intelligently, logically?

This might lead you to ask, “But isn't silence complicity? How can I keep quiet in the face of such injustice?” Understand that the violence, the corruption, the slavery prevalent in the world are born of the collective egoic pathology we all suffer from, more or less. The power elite are not alien invaders (well, maybe they are), they're not super-villains. They are, typically, a relatively small group of frightened men and women who have ingeniously tricked us into voluntarily handing our power over to them, and convincing us that they need this power in order to keep us safe. They exist because we are afraid, because our minds are dominated by fear, which is easy to prey on.

I speak only for myself, for my own personal solution, when I say: you must be the Light. Don't shove the darkness down their throats. Be the Light. Like the lighthouse, stand tall, and shine. The lighthouse doesn't save the boat so much as it shows the captain the way to safety.

People don't want to hear about the darkness. At some level in their minds, they know about it. At worst they've been taught to adore it; at best they've been taught there's just no other way. Be the Light. Shine your own Light, and let them be guided to it, if they choose to. And, you'll be surprised, they will. They'll know you see the world differently from them, without you beating them over the head about it, and one day, a spark inside them will be kindled, and they'll be curious. They must come to you. They must come to the Truth. To the Light. If they don't come to the truth willfully, no amount of fact, no amount of logic, no mountain of evidence will matter to them.

Patience in this time of upheaval is, to say the least, difficult. Patience is all we can rely on. And trust. Yes, the world is crumbling. This is not as bad as it seems. People will suffer for it, but there are already billions of voiceless people suffering directly due to the past success of our civilization. Our “civilization” must now reap what it has sown. Those who cling to it, rather than embracing a new paradigm, will suffer. We have compassion for them but recognize that calamity often precedes great change; evolution does not occur except by necessity. We, trapped in this pit of ego and ignorance, will either evolve, or we will perish. But we cannot force ourselves to evolve, we cannot force others to flee the sinking ship; if we try, we will fail. Abide patiently, with compassion, and, as Lao-tzu teaches, watch the turmoil of all beings, but contemplate their return.