Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Government is the Disease, Not the Cure

We are the victims of centuries of indoctrination that government is the best and perhaps only answer to the problems and issues that face every generation. It wasn't always this way, but over the generations, as each crisis throughout our history allowed government to incrementally expand its power and vicariously strengthen the people's dependancy on the Welfare State, we have slowly arrived at the present state of affairs where a president can outright tell us that only government can solve the current crisis and the mob cheers and screams, "Yes we can!" Yet a precious few are repulsed by the idea of government claiming a monopoly on running our lives, who recognize that government is the source and the cause of the calamity we face today and thus cannot possibly offer us a solution.

It doesn't take a doctorate in economics to understand that the course of action the current administration and the power elite have chosen for us will end in a deep, prolonged, and painful depression that will easily rival the Depression of the 1930's. A simple and brief survey of American economic history - history being the Great Teacher for Man for any issue before us - shows us that economics have laws and that whenever government has tried to repeal economic law, disaster has inevitably followed.

Start with the American Revolution, during which the Continental Congress printed up fiat currency to fund the war. The more they inflated the currency, the less it was worth, until it essentially became worthless, thus giving birth to the phrase "Not worth a Continental." It is a little known fact that there was a very severe depression in 1921 - little known mostly because it was so short-lived. And short-lived because government did next to nothing to prevent the correction that is always associated with recessions and depressions. After the recovery, the newly-formed Federal Reserve inflated several bubbles that burst and caused the crash of '29 and the Great Depression. Unlike the depression of 1921, the government and the Fed decided they had to do everything in their power to repeal the laws of economics and prevent the correction from occurring. The correction occured regardless, but instead of taking a matter of months, as in 1921, it took no less than 17 years. Picture living 17 years of your life in an economic depression; 17 years of government robbing you of economic security and even prosperity. This is what happened then; this is what we face today.

Our economic policies are being shaped by people who have been deluded into thinking Hoover, our president at the beginning of the Great Depression, did nothing, and that FDR simply did not do enough. This is a frightening and staggering - perhaps even blatant - misinterpretation of history. Hoover did plenty, and many of FDR's programs were merely continuations of Hoover policies, albeit far more aggressive. Roosevelt threw everything at the economy, having no idea what effect it would have, and nothing worked. In fact it is finally beginning to become accepted, or at least debated, that what Roosevelt did only prolonged the Depression. But the current establishment and elite would never admit that government not only was ineffective but actually worsened a problem - only government can get us out of this crisis!

Even more frightening is the fallacy amongst some who agree that the New Deal did not solve the Depression that it was in fact World War II that brought recovery to our economy. All we need, you see, is war, and eventually our economy will recover. In reality what ended the Depression was the shrinking of government that occured with surrender of Japan and the end of the war. Government shrunk, spending decreased, and eventually the correction finally played itself out and we started to enjoy relative prosperity again. There was nothing government did that solved the problem which government itself had created.

The great Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story wrote in his famous Commentaries on the Constitution, "Republics are created by the virtue, public spirit, and intelligence of the citizens. They fall, when the wise are banished from the public councils, because they dare to be honest, and the profligate are rewarded, because they flatter the people, in order to betray them." Today, it cannot be disputed that there is little virtue, public spirit, and especially intelligence in the general population. The wise have indeed been banished from the public councils, and the profligate are rewarded because the people, in their ignorance and apathy, are so easily flattered. The mob expects government to do something in order to solve the current crisis, and the government, the power elite, and the media do everything in their power to keep you from knowing it was not the free market, not capitalism, but government central planning that caused this crisis, and continue their indoctrination so that you continue to believe that they have the tools, they have the answers - they and only they - and that as long as republicans and libertarians stop trying to obstruct the administration everything is under control.

Those of us who are unplugged from the Matrix, who don't trust a word the government tells us, who are not indoctrinated to the will of the State, know that we're in for hard times. It's disheartening to know that we will all suffer greatly because of government incompetence and misconduct, but we also feel fortunate that, in the midst of all the general confusion and chaos and mystery behind everything that is happening, we know why. We see it all happening before it occurs. We can prepare, and try to warn others, so they too can prepare, if they are willing to listen. We can keep our wits. We can only hope that it doesn't take the total and utter collapse of the entire global economy before we realize the current system is rotten. Keep your heads up, and rely on yourselves, your friends, family, and community.

And no one else.