Friday, April 10, 2009

Hitler-Obama, Rahm Emanuel's Draft, and the Aggressive State vs. Judge Napolitano

From Karen DeCoster's blog:

    "It is not a draft. It is a universal service." Those are the words of Rahm Emanual. Here's a video that includes an interview with Rahm Emanuel, a citizen of Israel, telling the interviewer that every American child needs to attend a mandatory 3-month brainwashing boot club to be instructed in worshiping the state.

    Before you get turned off to the fact that the video is entitled "Obama's Hitler Youth," and think it is nothing more than sensationalism, watch it and absorb the similarities. At 4:42 of the video, there is some amazing footage of what the Obama Youth - that pledges to obey His Greatness - looks like. Now, we know that Emanuel is dying to get his hands on your kids. I guess he figures that three months with the state is enough to turn any child into an obedient, sworn slave, just as the young, black males you see in the video who have pledged their lives in service of His Greatness. Emanuel, Obama, and the leaders of The Regime believe that it is the state that gives each of us citizenship, and therefore life, and thus there's a payback involved. You owe the state because life was given to you by the state and its deciders. Your life is everywhere and always in service to the state and it goals, whether those goals are theft or murder. In GovernmentSpeak, theft becomes "justice" and murder becomes "defending freedom." You owe your life to the state, in service of it, by virtue of it allowing you to retain life.

Allow me to add that they'll take my children from me over my dead godamn body.