Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dear Leader, Americans don't want socialized health care

Really, we don't. But thank you, for trying to run us off the cliff with your massive spending. Americans aren't buying the propaganda from your ministry of disinformation about how great socialized medicine is in Canada and Cuba. And we're sorry your little minions are confused and frustrated that Americans are rejecting Obama on this issue, even though they've rejected every president on this issue for 60 years. Damnit, don't we know Obama is different? We're sorry we don't think government would be very good at running a health plan. I mean, because government has done such a bang-up job with everything else it runs, like social security. We're sorry that we don't want over a trillion dollars piled onto your multi-trillion dollar deficits and the debt you've accumulated that we're never going to be able to pay. We're sorry - so, so sorry - that we don't trust people more interested in getting elected than in our health and well being to run our health care. With all due respect and praise, Dear Leader, thanks, but no thanks.