Friday, June 5, 2009

High school student using cell phone tasered

Once again, non-compliance met with torture. Notice how the police say that the officer had to defend himself when the student pushed him after the officer put his hands on the student. For using a cell phone.

    At Penn Hills High School this morning, Chief Burton said, a student was walking up and down a hallway, using a cell phone. School policy permits students to have cell phones but not to use them during school except in emergencies, Chief Burton said.

    A Penn Hills police officer told him to put the phone away and go to class.

    "The kid refused to listen," Chief Burton said. "The officer took him by the arm and said, 'You have to go to the office.' The student resisted, pushed the officer. The officer, defending himself, took out his stun gun and did a drive stun."

    Chief Burton said a drive stun involves pushing the Taser against a portion of the body and squeezing the trigger, thus immobilizing a portion of the body, such as the leg. He said this affects about a 2- or 3-inch area.

    While on the floor, the student was still resisting and was placed in handcuffs, Chief Burton said. The student complained of a headache and dizziness and was taken to Forbes Regional Hospital.

Certainly a tasered and cuffed student is slightly more disruptive than using a cell phone.