Friday, July 10, 2009

They love it when a plan comes together

It is quite amazing that, while the government has not the forsight to predict disasters that can be exploited to their benefit, like the economic calamity they engineered and are using to the full benefit of the State, or 9-11, they are so very prescient when it benefits them.

For instance, just when the government began beating the war drums for expanding the war into Pakistan, because they feared a Taliban coup of the Pakistan government would put nuclear weapons in the hands of "terrorists", al-CIA-da comes out (not bin Laden, of couse - he's dead) and says, gee, if only we could get our hands on Pakistan's nukes, we would use them against America!

Now the government can kill two birds with one stone: pound on the war drums against North Korea, and provide another convenient excuse to clamp down on the internet. Someone, you see, has allegedly been attacking the State Department for 4 days now, and somehow we're just certain it's got to be Pyongyang. The proof? Ha! This is the US government. You don't need no stinking proof!

In fact the government has provided no proof Pyongyang is involved in these supposed attacks. The "proof" is that South Korean law makers said South Korean intelligence thinks North Korea or its sympathizers could be behind the attack, based on "circumstancial and technical" evidence. Considering the attacks originated from 86 IP addresses in 16 countries, just about anyone could be behind these attacks. Doesn't really matter.

What matters is, the global power elite haven't had enough war, because, of course, nothing makes them more money than war. And at the same time, with the mainstream media fully under their control, nothing poses a greater threat to their world order than the free dissemination of uncensored, unfiltered information on the internet. This can't be allowed to continue, and rest assured this is the one and only reason for the cyber-security bill, not some trumped-up fake threat of cyber-warfare from our enemies.

Gullible Americans have fallen for false flag black ops going on 100 years, to the great benefit of the global power elite. Why stop now?


  1. "the economic calamity they engineered"

    Prove it? Bet you can't?

  2. Anyone with even a cursory understanding of economics could have predicted this calamity, based on the actions of the Fed and the government. If it is predictable - and many were predicting it - then it was willful. Engineered crises are the establishment's daily bread. How do you think the Fed came into existence in the first place? JP Morgan spread a rumor that a prominent NY bank was insolvent, which caused a general banking panic - the Panic of 1907 - and the criminal banksters said, "See, this is why we need a central bank!" The Fed was created with one sole "purpose": to stop panics like the one that happened in 1907 from EVER happening again. Instead there was one in 1921, a mere 8 years after the Fed was created, and of course the Great Depression, which lasted 17 years. Prove it? It's common knowledge. Whenever the bubble gets too big, they pull back on the money supply and pop it. Then they re-inflate it all over again. If you don't think these are all engineered you haven't been paying attention. Learn economics. Read the Case Against The Fed by Murray Rothbard.