Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two Wings of the Same Bird of Prey

There is a common misconception among the opiated masses that people like me who despise government are somehow unpatriotic; traitorous even. Leaving aside the myriad handicaps our detractors suffer from, most notably, blind statism, reveling in ignorance, completely uninformed opinions, a childhood spent in State indoctrination camps (not really an excuse, since I myself am a product of public education, but I digress), not to mention partial chemical lobotamies due to years of fluoride intake, mercury-contaminated vaccines, and harmful chemical additives in our food, allow me to humor them and explain the difference between our government, and THE government.

Our government passed away in 1913. During that year, the Federal Reserve was spawned, effectively turning over control of our government to a private banking cartel. And by "private", I mean PRIVATE; the Federal Reserve is about as "federal" as Federal Express.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty, once said that if he had control of a nation's money supply, it wouldn't matter to him who made its laws. Let's examine that statement briefly. Imagine you had a massive printing press, the only one in the whole country, with which you could print an infinite amount of money. Imagine the possibilities. You could buy off the media. You could buy off the politicians. And you could buy the military. You could literally purchase the entire country, and buy off anyone who opposed you, or, if they could not be bought off, you could use your controlled media to spread disinformation, or, you could have them murdered and use your controlled media and Congress to neatly and quietly cover it up. See the JFK assassination. Well the Fed has this printing press, and your media, your political process, and your military - the most powerful in the history of the world - are now bought and paid for by this private, criminal banking cartel.

So, this shadow government is really in control of our country. Whether you casted your vote for McCain or Obama, you were voting for one of two candidates who were put there by the power elite because they knew either candidate would advance their agenda. Once in office, no matter what their campaign rhetoric, they will advance the globalist agenda, and Kennedy's brutal murder serves as an example of what will happen to them if they decide to actually be president. A pillar of Obama's campaign was that a McCain presidency would represent a third Bush term, but who can objectively look at Obama's presidency and say Obama is any better than Bush? Obama's presidency has been at least as bad as Bush; most of us know he's far worse. In fact, the Democratic and Republican parties are really two wings of the same bird of prey, and the globalists set "Left" and "Right" against each other, so that while we're at each other's throats we fail to realize who's really in control. It's text book divide and conquer.

Now, this private bankster oligarchy isn't made up of Americans. Many of them are American by birth, but they are, at heart, globalists; they don't recognize national sovereignty or the need for nation states. When you hear about a New World Order or a One World Government, this is what I speak of. So in closing, it is a fallacy to dismiss those who believe "our" government carried out 9-11 as unpatriotic, since it wasn't our government that was responsible. Our government didn't kill 3,000 of its own people, the global power elite that passes for our government killed 3,000 Americans. Apply this to everything that goes on today, and no amount of evil becomes "unspeakable", and notions that we are lied to, enslaved by debt, robbed, and killed by the government cease to be controversial or even unpatriotic. The only patriotic notion is to desire to shed the yoke of the elite's slavery, eliminite their hold on our government, and return this country to true liberty and prosperity.