Sunday, July 19, 2009

9-11: The Lie That Defines the Times

    It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. - Aristotle

If the neo-cons, warhawks, statists, and other sheeple are going to implore us never to forget 9-11, it is therefore of utmost importance to explain to anyone willing to listen what really happened that day, which has led to two disastrous wars, in which more of our best and bravest have been killed than on 9-11, as well as the squandering of hundreds of billions of dollars in treasury, and finally turning us all into "terror suspects" as government intrusion invades every aspect of our lives in the name of "national security".

I'm not going to discuss theories; this is not a conspiracy "theory", like the moon landing being "staged". I'm going to talk about what is known; what can't be denied. If indeed the attacks of that day were a self-inflicted wound, if indeed it was a false flag black op perpetrated by like-minded criminal elements in the US government, then we must demand that all subsequent wars and Stalinist police state measures cease and desist immediately. And the available evidence proves this conclusively. The most important issue you must deal with is to remove from your mind the mental block that tells you our government could not, would not do something like this. Indeed, they can, indeed they would, and indeed they have, many times in the past. Nearly every war we've ever fought was based on false pretenses. I hate to be the one breaking this to you, but provoking the "enemy" into firing the first shot, or making it appear as if they had, is as American as apple pie. From the "Civil War" through both World Wars, Vietnam, and finally the so-called war on "terror".

After years of denial and Orwellian double-think that blinded me (and likely yourself) from the plainly obvious, I finally removed the aforementioned mental block and took a hard, open-minded, objective look at the evidence, most of which I'd never before troubled myself to look at, even though most of it is widely disseminated, mainstream news our government doesn't even deny. Perhaps they are relying on Hitler's axiom, the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.

For me the earth-shatterer was the collapse of the Towers. It took me several years to figure out that it is physically impossible for both buildings to collapse into their own footprint at the rate of free-fall. To put it into perspective, according to Newton's law of gravity, a billiard ball dropped from the top of one of the towers would hit the ground in 9.2 seconds. It is irrefutable that the Towers both collapsed in 11 and 9 seconds, respectively. This is according to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and the 9-11 Commission Report and is corroborated by seismic measurements of the collapse. Now, take a moment to imagine the physics of a skyscraper. Hundreds of thousands of tons of steel and concrete structured to push upwards, supporting the weight of everything above it, resisting the pull of gravity - not to mention designed to withstand multiple jumbo jet collisions, as well as "storm of the century" hurricanes. Yet the top of the building - both of them - collapsed into the path of GREATEST resistance, as if there was nothing but air beneath it. Now, I know none of you are structural engineers, but I appeal to your common sense: is that possible? IT IS NOT. It is only possible if there were explosives moving the mass of the building below the collapse out of the way, allowing the cascading destruction to move downwards at free-fall speed.

During the collapse, explosive ejections can be seen up to 20 floors below the cascade, indicating demolition explosives going off. Large cross-sections of the buildings, some weighing several tons, were found lodged in buildings hundreds of yards away. If the building were merely collapsing on its own, how did such massive sections of steel get ejected several hundred yards away? And finally, after the collapse, the core columns can be seen cut at about a 45 degree angle which a demolition crew would have had to cut them to initiate such a collapse, and the molten steel can be seen around the edges of the cut. This cannot be a naturally occurring phenomenon.

Nor could the molten metal found in the basement areas of the towers, as well as building 7, which was found for up to five weeks after the collapse. Fire fighters described seeing the molten metal as if they were in a foundry, or like watching lava flow from a volcano. This is significant on several levels. First, we know that jet fuel doesn't burn hot enough to melt steel - it burns at about 1500 degrees while steal melts at over 2000; satellite thermal imaging recorded temperatures upwards of 2600 degrees at least five days after the collapse. But even if jet fuel could melt steel, we know the jet fuel had already burned off, to the point where firefighters had actually reached the crash zone of the South tower before it collapsed - evidence, in the form of a tape recording of firefighters reporting they had reached the 78th floor sky lobby, which was where the plane impacted, has been deliberately withheld by the Department of Justice. And there could have been no jet fuel in the WTC7 collapse, and yet molten steel and incredibly hot temperatures were observed there as well. These phenomena can only be attributed to explosive thermite, which burns so hot it will cut through steel like a hot knife through butter, and thermite residues were found in the rubble of the collapse. This is why the wreckage was speedily and secretly carted away, with little regard to the remains of the victims it contained, to a landfill without even FEMA being allowed to examine any of it. Dump trucks carrying the wreckage were fitted with GPS devices, and one driver who took too long on his lunch break was fired on the spot. The evidence was very carefully and hastily carted away.

Building 7 contained several government offices, including the IRS, CIA, DoD, Security and Exchange Commission, and Secret Service, among others. It was not struck by a plane, but was only moderately damaged due to the collapse of the towers, with sporadic fires randomly dispersed on only a few floors. Yet the building collapsed, again, at the rate of free fall, again, into its own footprint, in a perfectly symmetrical fashion. In order for this to occur, all (approximately) 80 of the building's core columns would have had to fail simultaneously; the fires that did exist were found randomly throughout the building, and there were no more than 4 or 5 fires, total, in the whole building. It should be noted that several other buildings suffered catastrophic damage due to the collapse of the towers, yet none of them collapsed.

Adding to the obvious is Larry Silverstein, who owned buildings 1, 2, and 7 - coincidentally the only 3 buildings that "collapsed" - and who, weeks before the attack, took out multi-billion dollar insurance policies on the buildings. He later went on PBS and admitted that WTC7 was "pulled" by his own suggestion. To "pull" a building is to demolish it. I've actually had people tell me it was reasonable to demolish the building because of the damage the fires caused but it is lost on them how in only a few hours they wired a 47 story building to be demolished, in the middle of a terrorist attack, with multiple floors on fire. Again, using your own God-give common sense, how possible is all of this? It is not possible at all. Mainstream news video exists of firefighters and emergency responders warning news crews to get away from the building, or to keep an eye on it because it was going to come down. How could anyone know this, especially, again, regarding a building that suffered only moderate damage? They knew because this was a planned event. Just watch a video of the building collapse. As with the towers, explosive ejections can be seen running up both sides of the building, and then, in classic demolition fashion, the center of the building caves in, causing each side of the building to fall inward towards the center, so the surrounding buildings suffer minimal damage. Watch any footage of a controlled demolition and you will see the exact same thing.

In the case of the Pentagon and Shanksville, one need only to examine the "wreckage" to know something is amiss - amiss in that there was no wreckage. We are led to believe that two jumbo jets were completely obliterated by the jet fuel explosion - the first time in the history of air travel this has ever happened. It is, I suppose, remotely feasible that the passengers, luggage, and fuselage were destroyed, but not one of the four Rolls Royce engines, made of steel and titanium alloy, weighing six tons each, were recovered. Amazingly, even though these impacts and explosions managed to obliterate tempered steel and titanium, human remains were found and identified at the Pentagon site (belonging to those who were in the Pentagon when the plane crashed). We are left to wonder, if you were even aware of this fact before I tell you, why every security/surveillance camera that would've shown a 707 hitting the Pentagon - and there were several cameras that would've shown this - were confiscated by the FBI after the crash, and the limited footage from these videos released to the public do not show an airplane hitting the building. For some reason we are left to speculate - was it a 707? Was it a cruise missile? If it was indeed a passenger jet that crashed into the Pentagon, all the government has to do is release the videos. To this day, all requests have been denied. That is what's called a COVER-UP, pure and simple.

Which brings me to the planted evidence, because it is not entirely true to say that both planes and everything in them were obliterated. In Shanksville, several of the hijackers IDs, drivers licenses, and/or passports were found, mostly intact, at the site, as well as a red bandanna supposedly worn by one of them. It is ridiculous to say that the explosion destroyed the entire plane, including indestructible engines, yet these incriminating items were miraculously found at the scene. How convenient for them. Similar documents were found at the Pentagon, and, perhaps most miraculous of all, the passport of Satam Al Suqami, one of the hijackers, flew out of his pocket at the point of impact, survived the massive collision and jet fuel explosion that we are led to believe collapsed the entire 110-story skyscraper, and then survived the collapse, which annihilated the entire building and practically everything in it, and was found in near pristine condition in the rubble. But that's not even the real miracle: indeed what is really a miracle is that Al Suqami himself somehow managed to survive the crash, because once the government presented his passport as evidence of his presence as a hijacker on the plane, a man with an identical name and the same birth date came forward to tell us he was still alive. In fact at least seven of the 19 hijackers have been confirmed as alive and well by mainstream news sources. We have seen this evidence - I know I had seen it long before I accepted it - and now can only stand amazed at the mind's capacity for denying the patently obvious.

The chain of evidence - this mountain of damning facts that point incontrovertibly to a false flag black op, goes on and on, from the "put options" on American and United Airlines bought in massive numbers prior to the attack, to the numerous officials being told not to fly that day (the mayor of Los Angeles was told by none other than Condolisa Rice herself not to fly that day), to NORAD not responding to the attack which would've been their standard operating procedure, because they were running wargames depicting terrorists hijacking planes and flying them into buildings, including the WTC and the Pentagon, the exact same day (what a coincidence!), rendering our defenses completely impotent by design; to bin Laden, the world's most wanted "terrorist", spending two weeks in an American hospital in Dubai, being treated by an American doctor, and having been visited by the CIA while there, and not being arrested; the inconsistencies, the impossibilities, the absurdities, go on and on.

All of this evidence, and more, is brilliantly laid out in visual form in the documentary Loose Change. If I have been unable to fully convince you here, if I have at least stirred your curiosity, once you've watched this movie you will have cleansed yourself of all doubt: 9-11 was an inside job. We are under suspicion, under surveillance, having our liberties erased, bankrupting ourselves and annihilating our children's future, and worst of all, our best and brightest are fighting and dying, as well as slaughtering by the hundreds of thousands an "enemy" guilty of no crime except having brown skin and being from a strange culture in a far off land, because of a grotesque lie. The quicker this truth is spread, the more people accept it and come to grips with it, the sooner we can demand this madness be put at an end, and demand that this heinous leviathan our government has bloated itself into in the name of "national security" retract itself, that they must stop treating all of us as if we're potential terrorists, and stop throwing bin Laden (who is dead) at us every time they need a certain reaction out of us. It is a sad commentary on the fighting spirit and the will to resist of this nation that we have not revolted already.

Ask questions. Demand answers.