Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back from sabbatical

I gotta admit, I got a bit discouraged with the way events were unfolding in the world, and my inability to make any kind of real difference. I thank everyone who has been following this blog, which I put countless hours into, but I couldn't escape the feeling that I was just preaching to the choir.

My plan was to just use Facebook as my blog, and just post news and opinion pieces I felt were relevant there, and publish my own essays whenever I got the urge to write them here. But new infringements on our privacy imposed by FB have sickened me and I will no longer be using FB for political discussion, if I bother to use it at all. The fact is, FB is openly and blatantly spying on us for the government, and they don't even trouble themselves to hide it.

So if you were a regular follower, keep coming back. I'll be raising hell here, venting my worthless opinions, sharing vital information on health, economics, survival, and impending martial law and police state. Thanks again for reading.