Thursday, April 29, 2010

Commercial beef really is made out of chicken feces

It's bad enough they cage these cows in like sardines, feed them food that turns their feces into poison, and then force them to wallow ankle-deep in that feces. They are then slaughtered, covered in their own feces, and this feces often makes its way into the carcass itself, and then into whatever steak or ground beef or burger it ends up becoming. And of course, Big Agra's solution to this is, not to stop feeding the cows grain, which their stomachs are not made to eat, not to allow them more room to roam, in a grass pasture - grass being what their stomachs are made to eat - no. They continue this grotesque, filthy practice and, to remove the meat of harmful bacteria which is a direct result of this, they treat it with ammonia, and are now lobbying hard for irradiation.

Just as sadistic is the practice of feeding chicken feces to cows. Which you in turn eat. You are, literally, eating shit. And they will continue to do this until you stop buying it.

    Ethan A. Huff
    NaturalNews -

    A recent investigation into industrialized agriculture feeding practices has revealed some disturbing information of which many may not be aware. Commercial animal husbandry practices often involve feeding livestock mass amounts of animal waste, including chicken litter, which contains chicken feces, bedding, feathers, and other unknown residue.

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