Friday, April 30, 2010

New ground truth: soil microbe negative feedback

Even if global warming were actually taking place (it's not), and even if it were man-made (it aint), every alarmist claim about the catastrophic effects of global warming is turning out to be false. Here we see that soil microbes do not release more carbon in increased heat, which is utterly moot since there is no global warming, but I digress.

But please, Anthony Watts. Stop blowing sunshine up our asses. There is no "game changers" in the global warming "debate". We've won the debate. They don't care. Because this is and never was, nor will it ever be, about science.

    Watts Up With That -

    This could be a game changer. From the University of California, Irvine press release, a finding that suggests soil microbes have a negative feedback with temperature increase. This has broad implications for the amount of CO2 emitted estimated in climate models. It had been assumed that as temperature increased, microbes and fungii would increase their CO2 output. Globally, this microbiotic contribution is large. The amount of CO2 released from soils worldwide each year is estimated to be about 8-10 times greater than the amount released by humans.

    This study shows that soil microbes won’t go into a an “overdrive” mode when soil temperature increases.

    Soil microbes produce less atmospheric CO2 than expected with climate warming

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