Friday, May 22, 2009

FBI "Terror" Entrapment

There are few people who criticize Islam more than me, and I would be the last person to down-play the effects subscribing to this hideous ideology will have on somebody, especially if they are born into a fundamentalist culture. I would also be the last person to say Muslims do not pose a threat of some sort on Americans, although I have no doubt that threat is greatly exacerbated by our foreign policy over the past 100 years.

This does not excuse the grotesque police state that has been thrust down our throats in this (no-so) new era of terrorism, and there is no doubt that the mob, who demanded this police state in the first place, as if the State could actually protect them, needs constant reminders of why they have surrendered their liberties for the sake of "security". The government is well aware of this pathology and jumps on every opportunity, real or imagined, to remind us that we desperately need this leviathan to keep us safe.

No case illustrates this better than the recent foiled "terror plot" against New York City synagogues. The FBI got a hold of a group of dead-beat Muslims of questionable mental capacity - "intellectually challenged" with borderline IQ, drug users and medicated for schizophrenia - who were disgruntled over American foreign policy, swayed them to turn to violent jihad, gave them dummy weapons, and then arrested them for the plot they entrapped them in. "It's hard to envision a more chilling plot," assistant U.S. attorney Eric Snyder said. "These are extremely violent men." Is he talking about these mentally retarded rejects, of the FBI?

Surely the mob will blindly look upon this incident as a reminder of how another 9-11 is always right around the corner, with only the good intentioned graces of the homeland security state standing in the way of such horrors. But the particulars of this "crime" are out in the open for anyone willing to read between the propaganda. The fact is, the FBI profiled these individuals and found them prime candidates to be brainwashed into committing terror. They were not "extremely violent men" until the FBI got a hold of them, and the only chilling plot was the one the FBI entrapped these men in, yet we are to believe were it not for the FBI, who, again, created the plot in the first place, a heinous terrorist attack would have occurred.

Are we that stupid?