Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wanting Obama to Fail

It's wrong-headed, selfish, and transparently partisan to want Obama's policies to fail. If socialism and fascism/corporatism were viable economic theories, then what would be the problem with them? I'd have no problem with either if they brought liberty and prosperity.

See the thing is, they've been tried and tested, and they've always failed. EVERYTHING your government, the Fed, the Treasury, Bush and Obama, is trying have been tried in the past and have led to massive failure. For Geithner or Bernanke - I forget which one said it, but aren't they the same people anyway? - to say "we're in uncharted waters" is quite disingenuous. They have tried it before, just never on this level (ever notice that the answer to failed Keynesianism is always more Keynesianism?). The massive spending, the massive expansion of government, the massive debt and inflation...all tried and tested, all epic failures.

So you don't have to wish for failure. That, to me, suggests that you're worried they'll succeed and lend credibility to ideologies you loathe. If you understand a little economics, and a little history, which, really, should go hand in glove, you already know this is going to fail. You don't have to wish. You can just sit back and watch the show.