Saturday, May 23, 2009

Police/Surveillance State in Britain

Could this be coming to America? You betcha!

Camera grid to log number plates

    John Catt found himself on the wrong side of the ANPR system. He regularly attends anti-war demonstrations outside a factory in Brighton, his home town.

    It was at one of these protests that Sussex police put a "marker" on his car. That meant he was added to a "hotlist".

    This is a system meant for criminals but John Catt has not been convicted of anything and on a trip to London, the pensioner found himself pulled over by an anti-terror unit.

    "I was threatened under the Terrorist Act. I had to answer every question they put to me, and if there were any questions I would refuse to answer, I would be arrested. I thought to myself, what kind of world are we living in?"

    Sussex police would not talk about the case.

The full story is here. This of course is contrary to a recent report that concluded only 3% of crimes in Britain are solved by using CCTV evidence. There is obviously an ulterior motive for these cameras.