Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cops Beat Female DUI Suspect

Props to the sheriff for demanding these thugs be fired, although apparently, even in the face of clear cut evidence these officers far and away overstepped their boundaries, and violently assaulted this woman, they're still having trouble firing these pieces of trash. Try not to vomit listening the the Fox News anchor defend them.


  1. I am a former female police officer...this is brute force...why didn't they just leave her alone until she finally went to sleep? If she is drunk...eventually she will wear herself out!

    She is already incarcerated her own need to enter!

    I would sue these guys!

  2. I am not a cop, but, to be 100% honest. Maybe the part about the officer slipping doing a take down move was for real.. BUT the second incident, with the officer pointing and jabbing his finger into the inmates face , then the Hay maker, that was clearly ASSALT, he should not only be fired, he also should be incarcerated..