Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dear slaves, just wanted to make sure you know, that if you get sick, it wasn't the vaccine

You think they don't know this whole thing is gonna be a massive catastrophe? I mean, your first hint came several weeks ago, when the government bestowed legal immunity upon the makers of the vaccines, including the criminal Baxter Pharmaceuticals, who oh so mischievously put live Avian flu into vaccine materials and shipped them to 18 countries, and was rewarded by the government for this crime by being allowed to reap obscene profits from making swine flu vaccine. But trust the government, trust big pharma, and if you get sick, if you wake up and you can't move your limbs, because your immune system attacked your brain stem, or if you don't wake up at all, don't come crying to them. It wasn't the vaccine. Got it?


    NY Times -

    As soon as swine flu vaccinations start next month, some people getting them will drop dead of heart attacks or strokes, some children will have seizures and some pregnant women will miscarry.

    But those events will not necessarily have anything to do with the vaccine. That poses a public relations challenge for federal officials, who remember how sensational reports of deaths and illnesses derailed the large-scale flu vaccine drive of 1976.

I had to pause to laugh for a was just reports of deaths and illnesses, and sensational reports at that. Perhaps it was sensational that a whopping one person died from the actual virus, yet by the time the government was forced to stop the program because of these "sensational reports" (only reports, mind you, not actual deaths or illnesses), the government had already vaccinated 45 million people and would have happily vaccinated 45 million more, were it not for these "sensational reports". Why am I citing the New York Times, and scoffing at their lack of journalistic integrity? That's like being surprised the sun rose in the morning.

    This time they are making plans to respond rapidly to such events and to try to reassure a nervous public — and headline-hunting journalists — that the vaccine is not responsible.

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