Friday, September 25, 2009


Before I begin, let me preface this by saying that I'm furious. I'm also overwhelmingly sad - so sad that I had tears in my eyes earlier today - but even more than that, I'm furious. I'm enraged. Yeah, I'm pissed off. So you can expect me to come off that way for the duration of this diatribe, and I apologize.

People who have a real understanding of history know that the country of our Founders has been dead since 1913. That's because our congress gave complete power and control over our money to a cartel of private banksters with zero accountability to congress or the people - the Federal Reserve. Since then, a long train of engineered crises have ensued - engineered by the money powers and their puppets in the US government - which allowed them to incrementally consolidate their power. These crises include wars entered into by fraudulent means - and every war we've ever been in since 1913 falls into this category - as well as engineered economic crises, beginning with the JP Morgan-engineered panic of 1907 which was used as justification for the Federal Reserve - which was created with the promise to end all depressions and banking crises forever - and ending with the engineered housing crash which hasn't even begun to reap the destruction upon our economy and society it was intended to. If none of this makes sense to you, you'd better read a book, because time is running short, and those not prepared are going to suffer.

So America has long since passed away. This we know. I learned this not so long ago, maybe 18 months, but I'm convinced of it and I had thought I'd come to terms with it. But the vision of a dead America was one that existed only in my mind, and only in sparse conversations with like-minded individuals - a vision that had no yet materialized. I had spent my whole life plugged in to the Matrix and being fed the false reality that America was good, America was free, America was the best and most prosperous and most scientifically and economically advanced country ever, our government looked out for us, was the reluctant savior of mankind, the shining city on a hill, "the last best hope for mankind," as Dick Nixon so blasphemously put it. And for the first 33 or so years of my life, this was the reality I lived in, and so, despite being unplugged, besides being awake, my memory of America is still that of purple mountain's majesty above the fruited plains; of police keeping us safe from bloodthirsty killers as we sleep at night; of our government working tirelessly and dilligently to keep us free and prosperous; of our military ever expanding and becoming more powerful, because the Russians or the Chinese or Muslims would invade and slaughter us all if they didn't.

Thirty three years later, I got it. I really did. I realized that war is a racket for making corrupt banksters filthy rich, for increasing the profits and the stock value of the military industrial complex, and for expanding the empire. I realized that the curbs on our civil liberties were not reserved solely for bloodthirsty terrorists, they were for me. I got it. Honestly. I was in occupied New York City on September 11, 2009, and had my civil rights violated at every turn. I was caged in by barricades, and watched over by police in full body armour armed with assault rifles. I get it.

No amount of reading, and not even the experience in New York earlier this month, could prepare me for what I've seen out of Pittsburgh the last two days. I knew our country was dead, but today what I saw was the rotting corpse. This was the wake, the funeral, the closure. This was the shattering of the vision of this country I've lived under the first three decades of my life. I saw accoustic weapons designed for foreign enemies unleashed in suburban neighborhoods against peaceful demonstrators. I saw lines of police in full riot gear - shields and all - banging their batons rhythmically in unison against their shields, as demonstrators like the heroic Luke Rudkowski pleaded with them to disobey their orders and honor the oath they took to the constitution; pleading with them to not treat them like animals. Did they listen to him? No. Probably because they had their ears plugged as protection against the LRAD that was soon brought in. Apparently nobody wants anything to do with that vicious thing; they soon dispersed. I saw police, in similar fashion, should to shoulder, marching against peaceful, unarmed protesters, launching pepper gas grenades. I saw students trapped in a stairwell, trapped by police above and below them, as they were bombarded by chemical weapons they could not escape from. I saw the LRAD and chemical weapons deployed against students on their own campus, who weren't even protesting at all, much less violently. I saw vicious police dogs biting old ladies, and put in the face of a man sitting on the sidewalk. I saw the military drive up in an unmarked Crown Victoria and snatch a protester off the street and drive off, leaving gas grenades behind them. A man asks an officer why they're doing this, why they're being forced to disperse. The cops says, "You'd better get that camera out of my face!"

This is just a handful of instances captured by people on the scene and uploaded on youtube. In all instances an LRAD was involved, a pre-recorded message informs the demonstrators that the chief of the Pittsburgh police, by his own whim, has declared the assembly to be unlawful, that they must disperse from the area, regardless of their reason for being there (so if you're just someone walking through your own neighborhood, too bad), and that force that could lead to injury would be used if they did not comply. In all instances, as far as can be seen on camera, the demonstrators were peaceful. But even if there were some provocateurs among them, they were few compared to the number of non-violent demonstrators, and the LRAD and chemical weapons deployed indiscriminately attacked both violent and non-violent, student and protester, alike. You know the Constitution is just a godamned piece of paper when ANY non-violent assembly can be declared unlawful, and this decree is carried out by brute force.

This is a scene you'd expect to see out of North Korea, or China, or Iran, and I'm sick to my stomach. I'm sick of all these fake patriots, showing up at tea parties, waving flags, listening to country music, thinking they love their country and people like me don't, thinking they live in the greatest and freest country in the history of mankind, blessed and protected by God. I'm sick of them, at best, ignoring the Stalinist police state hellhole our major cities have become; at worst, saying these people deserve to be gassed, deserve to have their eardrums blown out, deserved to be clubbed and beaten and attacked by dogs. I'm sick of them swinging on Glenn Beck's cock, or Sean Hannity's, thinking, gosh darnit, if we could only get these pinko-commie liberals out of our government, and put the republicans back in, and get Jesus back into our lives, into our schools, and shove the homosexuals back into the closet, we'd live in a capitalistic, libertarian utopia. I'm sick of them attacking people who know the government was behind 9-11, and refuse to listen to any criticism of government at all, like the real story of the sinking of the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin, not to mention Operation Ajax, Operation Northwoods, the first World Trade Center Bombing, etc etc etc. No, people like me just hate America, and none of that ever happened. Or, of course, our government's not perfect, but it's not evil. Evil only infests governments in other countries. Never mind that every government in the history of mankind has usurped power and oppressed its people relative to its power over them. America's different. America's exceptional. Never mind that the Germans thought the same thing as Hitler usurped power and made himself dictator and herded Jews and gypsies and homosexuals into death camps, and staged terror attacks so he could frighten them into relinquishing their rights. That doesn't happen in America. We're more human than human.

I have no patience for the pathologically closed minded. I hate you all.

And right now, I feel like there's no point in fighting to wake people up. We're beyond the point of no return; this spectacle in Pittsburgh makes this clear to me. I don't have the time, or the energy, to plead with the plugged-in and asleep to wake up, to stop supporting and enabling this fascist dictatorship, to stop participating in this utterly corrupt, criminal, and evil system. Any hope I had for this country was a delusion, borne out of the fake vision I grew up with that dominated my view until yesterday. This country is dead. I don't understand how you can look at it and see a land of the free, and home of the brave. I see a land of sheep and the home of slaves. I see rottenness, I see decay, I see stench and filth.

And the slaves will say, if you don't like it here, LEAVE! No, this is my country, slave, and my home. This is where I was born, this is where my children were born, and, if I have my way, will live in a free country by the time they grow up. I will stay here, and watch the globalists slaughter you. I'll watch you die from vaccines, and poisoned food and water. I'll watch them herd you into camps, camps you will enter and never leave. And I'll look upon you with sadness, knowing that in your mind, as you're being clubbed over the head, as you cover your ears trying to shield them from piercing acoustic soundwaves, as the dogs attack you, as you choke on their pepper gas, or just before they shoot you in the back of the head, you'll be thinking about the warnings you listened to from people like me, people like me who you laughed at and cursed at and spit at, people like me who didn't allow themselves to be herded into camps and slaughtered like cattle.

If you're reading this and you're awake but still have some delusions of what this country can be, shed them. It's over. Double your efforts to prepare for what's to come, to get off the grid, to shed your dependency on our masters. Store more food and water, more seeds. Stock up on ammo. Learn the skills you will need to survive. Don't waste time on anything else. This has become my goal.

I don't know what kind of land will emerge from the calamity that has befallen us, which we will shed our blood to free ourselves from, but it will not look as it does today, as it did 96 years ago. Let whatever land, whatever people, whatever emerges from this revolution, not bear the name "America", for what America has now become has forever tarnished the name of the land our forefathers gave us.

Rest in peace.