Friday, September 4, 2009

Police use Taser on 76-year-old in a dispute about where to end procession

It's almost redundant to continue to post these abuses, which are obviously on the rise, and nobody is reporting it, with the notable and heroic exception of William Norman Grigg. Certainly no one in the "mainstream media". Sure, they'll report individual instances, but the overall trend is ignored.

    MSNBC -

    GLENROCK, Wyo. - Bud Grose seemed like the last person who should attract the attention of police when the 76-year-old retiree hopped on his antique tractor and rumbled through the annual parade in this small Wyoming town.

    But what was supposed to be a day of fun at an end-of-summer festival ended abruptly when police shot Grose with a Taser in a dispute about where to end the parade route.

    The incident nearly incited a riot as outraged neighbors rushed to his defense. Now residents of this tight-knit town of 2,400 are seething over what they see as police brutality, and town officials are scrambling to ease the tension.

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