Sunday, September 27, 2009

US Tapes of the OKC Bombing Doctored

Lew Rockwell writes in his blog:

    The feds have finally released, 14 years later, some of the security tapes showing some aspects of the bombing. But as the heroic lawer Jesse Trentadue points out, there are blank spots and some editing as well. Come on, federales: release all the tapes, undoctored. Or is there some reason you are still withholding evidence and obstructing justice?

If I may, Lew, I'd like to answer: because they're culpable, and the tapes, to some extent, prove this.


David Kramer also writes in Lew Rockwell's blog:

    Lew—apropos your blog on the OKC Bombing, here is an independent report done by Brigadier General Benton K. Partin, USAF (Ret.) a few months after the bombing took place. What I “love” about cases in which government employees are involved as victims is that the prosecuting side (the government) is either the only side that is allowed to examine the evidence or, even if that is not the case, their “official” report is always the last word on the subject, e.g., the Warren Commission Report and the 9/11 Commission Report. Did Timothy McVeigh’s attorneys even bother to send their own investigators to the OKC bombing site? How come the evidence—i.e., the building site—was torn down a few months after the incident? I remember hearing at the time that it was because the sight of it “upset” the citizens of Oklahoma City. Actually, that lame excuse has now been replaced with: “For safety reasons, the building was to be demolished shortly afterward.” The “safety” of what—protecting a possible government lie?