Monday, December 21, 2009

David Rockefeller's eugenics agenda

It should be noted - and the elite are fully aware of this - that population in industrialized nations will always be stunted, ie the birth rate will always be considerably below the rate of replacement. In other words, if a two child per woman birthrate is necessary to maintain population - no growth or decline - then industrialized nations will always be considerably lower. It is only in the third world that you see birth rates at 3 or 4 children per woman. Therefore it stands to reason that the best and most humane way to "control population" is to allow third world nations to industrialize, rather than impoverishing them, as the elite so love to do.

No, when the elite speak of population control, they are speaking of grotesque methods of the worst criminals throughout history - Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. Forced sterilization. Compulsory abortion. Infanticide. And genocide by facilitating famine. If they truly wanted population control, they would free the third world. They want to wipe these people out, first by depriving them of resources they need to sustain themselves and to develope their economies and infrastructures, and then to rob them what lands and resources they have. This is the agenda, and almost without fail anyone who is truly wealthy (most people you are trained to consider "wealthy" are really simply middle class...when I say "wealthy" I mean "wealthy" like Mr Rockefeller, who is a quadrillionaire), will be knee deep in this genocidal plot. Sounds crazy? It is. Just don't be so naive to think that only people who live in the gutter are crazy. They're normal compared to these people. Don't let the leer jet and the $5,000 suit fool you.