Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mother Nature spanks Algore

It seems like almost on cue, from the moment global warming quacks, aka eugenics cultists, met in Copenhagen, Mother Nature has done her utmost to tell people what we already know: it's all a lie. Surprisingly, alarmist frauds have not tried to tie the recent global spout of extreme winter weather to "climate change", since they seem to have abandoned the notion, which, unlike AGW global warming, is actually backed by science, that the Earth is cooling, and have reverted back to global warming.

The term "climate change" arose in recent years because, as anyone knows, the Earth stopped warming in 1998 and has been cooling for the last few years, with Arctic ice caps increasing at record levels (see also here). Unable to tie carbon dioxide emissions to continued warming, they decided that any change in climate - the passing of the seasons could reasonably be called "climate change" - is attributable to human activity, even droughts, hurricanes, and typhoons which have been part of Earth's climate since she developed an atmosphere some billions of years ago. But recently, as is shown by the leaked emails out of the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit, the eugenicists have decided that, indeed, the Earth never stopped warning, and, even though they "can't account for the lack of warming at the moment" in their data, have decided that it's not that the data shows cooling, but that "the data are surely wrong". They know the Earth is warming, they just can't seem to prove it.

Evidence be damned, the quacks have resolved that no, the Earth never stopped warming, that the last decade - a decade of stagnant or cooling temperatures - was actually the warmest ever - EVER - and that next year will be even warmer - the warmest ever in fact. Meanwhile, here in the real world, we find temperatures and weather that utterly contradict these claims. One of the biggest global warming flops was Algore's claim that global warming caused hurricane Katrina and hurricane seasons featuring more frequent and more intense storms. Not only is this claim refuted by pointing out that improved monitoring in recent years is responsible for most, if not all, of the observed trend in increasing frequency in hurricanes, but as the Earth supposedly continues to roast inside man's greenhouse emissions, Mother Nature pounded this point home by providing fewer and fewer storms over the last half decade. This, of course, is due to global warming/climate change, even though Algore claimed the opposite would occur.

And now, in the midst of the warmest decade ever - EVER - and towards the end of the fifth warmest year ever, both hemispheres are hammered by extreme, sometimes unseasonable winter weather and temperatures. Last week, Canada was pounded by one of the worst storms on record, while in Australia, summer was greeted by a dusting of snow. Winter weather was blamed for an increase of dolphin and sea turtle beachings. During the Copenhagen conference, Denmark was blasted with blizzard conditions and record low temperatures, and might experience its first white Christmas in 14 years. As a vicious Nor'easter dumped upwards of two feet-plus here in the mid-Atlantic states - record levels in 10 states - Alaska found itself buried in a record 5 feet, 8 inches of snow, with another winter blast headed across the mid-west dumping more snow - two feet in some places. In Poland, at least 79 people have been killed by sub-zero temperatures, while dozens more have been killed across Europe, assailed by chaotic winter weather.

All of this would be a surprise to mindless automatons who actually believe the hysteria surrounding global warming, but for anyone who, in most areas of the Earth, is capable of walking outside and making some simple observations, more severe winter weather is something that can reasonably be anticipated, especially when flares and sunspot activity on the sun are near non-existent at the exact same time global temperatures leveled out and started to decrease.

So, as usual, we have a battle between blatant propaganda and obvious truth. Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two equals four. The scientific dictatorship emerging in these troubled times is trying to convince you that two plus two equals five. Do you have the faith in your god-given ability to think freely to see the truth?