Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hundreds of Chemicals Found in Newborns

NaturalNews -

The umbilical cord is the lifeline of infants; it brings nutrients and oxygen to the baby. These days, it also brings hundreds of poisons. Recently, the Environmental Working Group tested the umbilical cord blood of ten American minority infants, and found a total of 232 known poisons in their blood.

The study found BPA, a petrochemical found in baby bottles, water bottles, and computer equipment. BPA is an environmental estrogen connected to birth defects, sexual dysfunction, hormonal problems, and diminished intellectual capability. BPA was found in nine out of ten of the blood samples.

Perfluorobutanoic acid was found; it's a member of the PFC chemical family and is common in non-stick cookware and water-resistant coatings. The most studied PFCs are linked to cancer, birth defects, and infertility. Substances banned in the 70's were found in the blood headed to these infants. These substances, PCBs, cause damage to the immune system and disrupt the endocrine system. Synthetic fragrances from perfumes and detergents were found. Nine out of ten of the umbilical cords contained chemical components from rocket fuel, which interfere with brain development and the thyroid. A fire retardant was found that interferes with the thyroid's function and may disrupt the production of T-cells - and our bodies use T-cells to fight disease. Lead and mercury were also found.

Years ago, scientists thought that many of these chemicals weren't able to cross into the umbilical cord blood and into the infant. However, once again, the scientists who make claims that man-made chemicals don't harm us or accumulate in the body are shown to be wrong.

The Environmental Working Group conducted the study to influence public policy to actually protect us from the man-made poisons that are everywhere. It's an admirable step. However, a few other points have yet to be addressed, including: When will the medical profession get the point that having an abundance of poisons in our bodies is cause for concern and at the root of many common health problems? And: When will the people and companies putting these poisons in common consumables, thereby poisoning entire populations, be held accountable? Simply banning these substances isn't enough; the profits from the sale of them should be distributed to the members of the community that have been exposed to them, and who have problems that these chemicals create. And finally: When will the average consumer become fully aware of the dangers of man-made chemicals and whenever possible, refuse to buy or use them?

In light of the fact that most of us are poisoned from birth - which keeps on coming with exposure to more chemicals in life - it seems a little crazy that Congress is battling over who is going to pay for drugs (more chemicals) for people with health problems. Wouldn't a more viable path be to open federally funded detoxification centers across the country to get these poisons out of our bodies - while finding more effective and efficient ways to remove these chemicals from each of us here on Earth?

The Environmental Working Group conducted a similar study in 2005 which focused on the industrial poisons found in the umbilical cord blood of American infants, but not necessarily of minorities. The 2005 study found 287 known poisons in their blood, and due to the expense of the testing, only 400 chemicals were tested for. There are over 80,000 industrial chemicals currently in use, and the vast majority have never had any safety testing.