Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Fluoride Cover-Up: Look Under the Mother of All Bandaids

Hesh Goldstein
NaturalNews -

Why would fluoridation be a bandaid? As you know a bandaid covers something up. Upon reading this that cover-up will be apparent. Coca-Cola announced they were going to investigate the possibility of including fluoride in some of their bottled waters to help combat the evils of tooth decay. A person with half a brain would probably deduce that water is not a problem but maybe sugar laden beverages are. But no, Coke wants to focus on those that drink water rather than the sugar drinkers.

Tooth decay is caused by Streptococcus Mutans (SM), a bacterium that lives in our mouths. SM only likes one thing, SUGAR! Feeding SM sugar causes it to produce plaque and lactic acid. Plaque cannot be made without sugar. Without plaque there is no decay. You want to rot your teeth? Give SM a constant supply of sugar by bathing your teeth in sugar laden liquids.

The amount of sugar laden sodas, juices and other sugar garbage that we drink has risen from virtually nothing prior to WW 2 to almost 1 quart per person a day, with the consumption of soda doubling. So has our need for dental services.

The dentists are elated. Fixing decayed teeth is very expensive. In countries with "free" public health systems, government has been reluctant to include cavity-fixing costs. So, desperate to avoid the popular demand for them to pay the bill for a disease that affects everyone that consumes sugar, they turn to their idiotic quick-fix solution of mandatory, mass fluoridation.

When the U.S. started The Manhattan Project, the forerunner of the Atomic Energy Commission, they found that fluorosilicic acid makes uranium fissionable. This was a toxic by-product of the phosphate fertilizer, aluminum, and steel industries. It was previously disposed of as toxic waste to the tune of millions of dollars a year. But, government and business decided it was necessary to add this to the water supply despite knowing how toxic it was and damaging to health. The purpose was not to prevent tooth decay but to prevent spending money for disposal. In return, those industries would receive money for the use of their toxic waste being dumped into the water supply. 90% of swallowed fluoride is retained by the body and accumulated in the bones and teeth causing fluorosis or rotting of the teeth and symptoms mimicking osteoporosis in the bones.

There is no supportive evidence whatsoever that suggests that fluoridating the water cures tooth decay. Even the Centers For Deceit Control and Procrastination say that fluoride's effectiveness is on the surface of the tooth and only after the tooth comes into the mouth. It says nothing about ingestion.

Fluoridation lets government and Big Sugar look like they are doing something good about dental health without actually doing anything that challenges the status quo or the money trail. Strangely enough, neither government nor Big Sugar contemplates the possibility of removing or changing the sugary drinks that cause the problem in the first place.

So, if mass medication is the way we solve society's lifestyle influenced problems, why stop at fluoride? Why not add Metamucil for constipation, Prozac for depression, aspirin for headaches, or Viagra for sexual dysfunction?

If Big Business and Government weren't so deeply entrenched in bed together, maybe then the people would stand a chance. One day we'll all look back and remember when we were a government of the people, by the people and for the people and wonder how it became a government of, by and for the corporation.