Monday, December 28, 2009

The Next War Seed Is Finally Planted

It started less than two weeks ago.

    US fighters pound Sa'ada, kill120

      At least 120 Houthis have lost lives and 44 others sustained injuries as US fighter jets took part in air strikes in the northwestern Yemeni province of Sa'ada.
      The US military continues its air raids on Yemen's northern beleaguered regions of Amran, Hajjah and Sa'ada which have already been the target of joint Saudi-Yemen offensive against the Houthi fighters.
First there was the usual denial.

    US denies military role in Yemen

      Washington denied its military forces were involved in the Yemeni conflict with al-Houthi rebel fighters in the north of the country.
      P.J. Crowley, a spokesman for the U.S. State Department, rejected the allegations outright.

      "We do not have a military role in this conflict," he said.

Then, the reluctant admission.

    Obama ordered US military strike on Yemen terrorists

      On orders from President Barack Obama, the U.S. military launched cruise missiles early Thursday against two suspected al-Qaeda sites in Yemen, administration officials told ABC News in a report broadcast on ABC World News with Charles Gibson.

Finally, we have the start of the propaganda to get our next arena for our “perpetual war on terror for perpetual peace” going:

    Lieberman: Yemen will be 'tomorrow's war' if pre-emptive action not taken

      Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) Sunday said that Yemen could be the ground of America's next overseas war if Washington does not take preemptive action to root out al-Qaeda interests there.

      Lieberman, who helms the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, said on "Fox News Sunday" that the U.S. will have to take an active approach in Yemen after multiple recent terrorist attacks on the U.S. were linked back to the Middle Eastern nation.

      The Connecticut senator said that a government official in the Yemeni capital told him that "Iraq was yesterday's war, Afghanistan is today's war. If we don't act preemptively, Yemen will be tomorrow's war."

Hat tip to David Kramer over at LRC. Lew Rockwell expands on these points:

Rain Terror on Yemen - That Will Make Them Love the US

    David, here is a British call to destroy that poor country, Yemen, as Joe Lieberman et al. have demanded.

      Detroit terror attack: Yemen is the true home of al Qaeda

        It is natural, when the world's security agencies compare these two not dissimilar attacks, that their focus will be upon Yemen, where both were apparently plotted. In some ways, the country is the spiritual home of al-Qaeda – it is the ancestral home of Osama bin Laden, whose father was born in the valley of Hadramawt, still a base today for al-Qaeda activity.
        The attraction of Yemen for radical Islamists is simple. It may not have a sympathetic host government, as was the case in Afghanistan before 2001 and Sudan in the mid-Nineties. On the contrary, the government is an ally of the United States. But it is weak, and the country is deeply divided, tribalistic and violent. In a country where many men go armed, identifying a terrorist is difficult.
        There is little doubt that the US presence in Yemen is already strong and that it is going to become more visible. In any case, the Detroit attack should be seen as part of a continuing battle between al-Qaeda in Yemen and America. This is a fight that includes the attack on the USS Cole in Aden in 2000, when 17 crewmen were killed; the suicide car-bombing of the US embassy in the capital Sana'a last year and the two major incidents in the last fortnight.

        A Yemeni air attack on an al-Qaeda camp, in which 34 alleged terrorists were killed, was backed by American intelligence operatives with the personal approval of President Obama, according to the New York Times.

    Succeed or fail, horrible bombing attempts like Detroit play right into neocon hands. Are the terrorists too stupid to know that?

    UPDATE from Skip Oliva:

    Say what you will about bin Laden, Joe Lieberman is now the real leader of al-Qaeda.