Saturday, February 27, 2010

Media ignores climate debate, Pew says

It's amazing how you can read manipulation in media stories when your third eye is open. Take the following passage from the UPI story:

    In an interview with the BBC last week, [Phil] Jones maintained his position that human activity was at least partially responsible for global warming.

    "I'm 100 percent confident that the climate has warmed," he added.

See, nobody really contests that the climate has warmed. And the article doesn't exactly quote Jones as saying it's man-made. They say he says so, and then quotes him as saying something of an entirely different context. To the untrained eye, one might read that Phil Jones is saying he's 100 percent confident man has caused the climate to warm.

The divergence in opinion is based on two factors - the original factor being whether or not this was caused by man, and the other, more recent factor being whether this warming period has ended or continued. The AGW camp has given polar contradictory stories on the latter issue the last few weeks: on the one hand, they say the previous decade (2000-2009) was the warmest ever. On the other hand, Phil Jones says there's been no statistically-significant warming since 1995, and climate scientists are now trying to figure out why there's been such a protracted period of cooling, despite what their "models" predicted.

Climategate has been ignored by the MSM and driven by the blogosphere and alternative media because the corporate media has intimate ties to the myriad carbon tax/derivatives/trading schemes. This is not and will never be their issue.