Friday, February 19, 2010

Neocons continue to revel in ignorance

It's crap like this that makes me want to just shut it all down and prepare for armageddon. Because stupidity and insanity runs rampant still to this day in America. I understand that people got swept up by Obama. I do. Because Bush and Cheney were just that bad. But didn't anyone figure out that it's all the same agenda with a different mask covering the real master?

Apparently not. "Conservatives" actually long for the days of Bush and Cheney. Why this is so is completely and utterly beyond me. Has Obama done anything differently from Bush, except intensify the agendas Bush initiated? Did Obama put us in Iraq? Did Iraq recreate the Garden of Eden, only to have it destroyed again by Obama policies? Did Obama make good on his promise to leave Iraq? No to all of these. In fact the 50,000 troops he removed from Iraq were only replaced by an equal amount of private contractors - mercenaries.

And what about Afghanistan? Was Afghanistan going well before Obama got into office? Has Obama not drastically expanded the war into Afghanistan? Drones slaughtering people en masse? Do "conservatives" take issue that Obama kept Bush's secretary of defense? Do neocon icons like Cheney not heap praise on McChrystal, Obama's replacement for Petraeus at CENTCOM? What exactly is it that neocons take issue with here? Oh, yeah...Obama shorted McChrystal's request for 40,000 troops by about 7,000. Except he'll add up to 56,000 private contractors, making the total number of troops sent as many as 89,000. Sean Hannity probably didn't clarify that for you, so I can understand why you were caught unaware.

What can conservatives say about Guantanamo Bay? Objective analysis of Obama's detainee policy shows that Obama is treating detainees with such cruelty and inhumanity Bush and Cheney could only dream about. Indefinite detentions? Pre-crime detentions? Continued torture? Rendition? Clearance to assassinate American citizens the regime declares to be "terrorists"? Murdering detainees and calling it suicide? Only weak lip service being paid to Obama's promise to shut Gitmo down? The Supreme Court ruling that "terrorists" have zero rights as human beings could only make Bush/Cheney shake their heads in envious disbelief. Neocons of course were too ravenous over Obama's justice department mirandizing the Christmas day underbomber to realize the whole event was a staged government black op. Hell, if you wanted something real, of substance, to pin on Obama, something that goes against your core values, you hacks, how about your commander in chief staging terror attacks on your own soil in order to frighten you into supporting more intrusive infringements on your liberty and more bombing of foreign countries? Is it that you believe Obama is evil, even though you would prostrate before his greatness were there an (R) next to his name as opposed to a (D), but gosh he's not that evil? Or do you just not care, so long as someone gets bombed? If not Iran, can you at least bomb Yemen? A good bombing is always good for popularity.

Or maybe it's because Obama is supposedly wrecking the economy. Do neocons have that short term a memory? Or is it just that selective? Did we forget TARP was signed under Bush, that it had bi-partisan support? Is anyone really dumb enough to believe that our fiscal policy would be any more sound under a McCain administration? Or if Bush had been given a third term? Apparently so, since Miss Me Yet? t-shirts are a hot item. And yet all of this has been directed under the supervision of Bush's Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke. And though Bernanke had an unusually difficult time earning re-confirmation by the Senate, he too was confirmed by a combination of democrat and republican senators.

The only possible explanation for neocon stupidity is that they have no problem being driven off a cliff, they just want government to ease up on the gas pedal a little. Maybe wait until they're dead so they don't have to worry about it. That or they're completely insane. I understand indoctrination. I do. I know we're programmed from the time we're born to worship the state, to revel in ignorance, stupidity and distraction. I know our vaccines, food, and water dumb us down. But you know what? I came from the same system that they did. And so did millions of other awakened and aware Americans. Our numbers grow by the day, albeit, apparently, at a painfully slow pace. What does it take to get you to wipe the crust off your third eye and see the gigantic elephant in the room? How much more obvious does it have to be that both parties are controlled by the same people, that each president is a puppet for the shadow government - the Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission? The big banksters who control the money in this country and throughout the world? I have to wonder, if David Rockefeller held a press conference declaring us all his slaves, if people would shrug it off and turn on ESPN until it's time for Glenn Beck.