Friday, February 26, 2010

Scientists examine causes for lull in warming

Holy Mary mother of Christ...didn't you just tell us the Earth was still warming?! It's's not warming...make up your mind, man.

I'm starting to think they want us to laugh. They want to desensitize us to the whole thing, because when we're laughing, we're not grabbing the pitchforks and beating their door in. They seem like a bunch of harmless, inept Keystone Kop-type people, but their intentions are truly diabolical.

    * Exact causes unknown for lack of warming from 1999-2008
    * The underlying reason for cold winter not known
    * Climate science in focus after email scandal, errors

    Reuters -

    Climate scientists must do more to work out how exceptionally cold winters or a dip in world temperatures fit their theories of global warming, if they are to persuade an increasingly sceptical public.

    At stake is public belief that greenhouse gas emissions are warming the planet, and political momentum to act as governments struggle to agree a climate treaty which could direct trillions of dollars into renewable energy, away from fossil fuels.

    Public conviction of global warming's risks may have been undermined by an error in a U.N. panel report exaggerating the pace of melt of Himalayan glaciers and by the disclosure of hacked emails revealing scientists sniping at sceptics, who leapt on these as evidence of data fixing.

    Scientists said they must explain better how a freezing winter this year in parts of the northern hemisphere and a break in a rising trend in global temperatures since 1998 can happen when heat-trapping gases are pouring into the atmosphere.

    "There is a lack of consensus," said Kevin Trenberth, head of the Climate Analysis Section at the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research, on why global temperatures have not matched a peak set in 1998, or in 2005 according to one U.S. analysis. For a table of world temperatures: [ID:nLDE6050Y5]

    Part of the explanation could be a failure to account for rapid warming in parts of the Arctic, where sea ice had melted, and where there were fewer monitoring stations, he said.

    "I think we need better analysis of what's going on on a routine basis so that everyone, politicians and the general public, are informed about our current understanding of what is happening, more statements in a much quicker fashion instead of waiting for another six years for the next IPCC report."

    The latest, fourth Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report was published in 2007 and the next is due in 2014.

    The proportion of British adults who had no doubt climate change was happening had dropped in January to 31 percent from 44 percent in January 2009, an Ipsos MORI poll showed this week.

Now hold onto your lunch here, because I really want you to grasp the absurdity of the following passage of the article. It is truly Orwellian double-think.


    The decade 2000-2009 was the hottest since 1850 as a result of warming through the 1980s and 1990s which has since peaked, says the World Meteorological Organisation.

See, you're ignorant and retarded, so you might not know that what the WMO just said there makes absolute, perfect sense. There's more stupidity to be found if you wish to continue reading.