Friday, September 4, 2009

Ron Paul Terrorizes the CFR

Be afraid, globalist filth. Be very afraid.

Of course, the CFR claims that Ron Paul's Audit the Fed movement threatens the Fed's "independence". This is doublespeak for, Ron Paul threatens the Fed's existence, because it is a vicious slave driver an robber of wealth and prosperity. If this bill passes, and the Fed's grotesque theft and wealth destruction is exposed, it will signal the Fed's death knell, and this is the real purpose of Ron Paul's bill. He has another bill, which perpetually fails, to end the Fed. And now a book to accompany it, that makes no secret of his ultimate intent. But, unable to amass the necessary political will to end the Fed outright, Dr Paul knows that an audit will expose what an evil institution this is, and poltical will will be bountiful in the aftermath.

I am extremely skeptical this movement can succeed by peaceful means. The Fed, having a monopoly on the supply and value of our money, is unimaginably powerful, and the success of this bill will send a shockwave throughout the entire world. The global power elite, which controls the Fed, will not go down without a fight, and they fight dirty. Get behind this movement; we are many, they are few.