Thursday, September 3, 2009

Unite Or Die

One of the most effective tools of distraction the elite use to trick us into reveling in slavery and ignorance is the false left-right paradigm. It is a pseudo-adversarial system, whereas two supposedly diametrically opposed ideologies are pitted against one another in a never-ending fight for the "survival" of our nation. This must be exposed and overcome if we are ever to free ourselves.

The epitome of this paradigm is the emergence of Dick Cheney back onto the political scene after mercifully leaving office in January. What Cheney is really doing is, rather than actually opposing the Obama administration's supposed investigation of CIA prisoner abuse (also known as torture), he is turning this into a left vs right issue. Whereas liberals opposed torture and indefinite detention and suspension of Habeas Corpus under Bush, they find themselves, at best, indifferent, or, at worst, supportive of, Obama's civil rights abuses simply out of hatred for and reluctance to place themselves on the same side of an issue as Cheney. This is Cheney's purpose. Conservatives, on the other hand, are rushing to defend Cheney and the CIA, even though, despite this supposed investigation, which will snare a couple of low level hacks and not expose any of the real torture going on, nor expose the disappearance of detainees, nor address the practice of rendition, nothing of any real significance will be changed by this dog and pony show investigation. This creates a false impression in the minds of conservatives that Obama is undermining our intelligence gathering capabilities, even though he has more aggressively pursued powers of indefinite detention at no one else's whim but his own, and continued the use of torture. The only real beef there is is the false one created by the establishment to distract us and keep us at each others' throats.

Many liberals have a sense of what's going on, having believed in Obama's willingness and ability to bring change to this country, change they so desperately needed after 8 years of Bush. What they got was, contrary to his soaring campaign rhetoric, was not just more of the same, but worse of the same. He renegged on his promise to pull the troops out of Iraq immediately. In fact, any drawback will only be to pre-surge levels, and, rather than troops withdrawing from major Iraqi cities, as promised, the political maps are being withdrawn so that, even though the troops have not re-deployed, they now find themselves outside the city limits. Had Bush done this there would have been great liberal angst and gnashing of teeth. Yet neocons somehow think Obama's handling of the war has been disastrous, because they are still tied to the idea, expressed in meaningless campaign rhetoric, that Obama intends to pull our troops out before they were able to achieve victory, whatever the hell that entails. Far more soldiers are dying under Obama than were under Bush - August was the worst month of the war in Afghanistan - yet, with the notable exception of the good left and heroic anti-war (not just anti-republican war) activists like Cindy Sheehan, liberals are suddenly silenced on the war.

On the domestic front, liberals who trashed Bush for his reckless and destructive spending are now largely silent as Obama loots what is left of America's wealth and ships it to offshore banks. The Fed loans the government our own money, which in turn gives the money to the very entities that control this private banking cartel, all at interest, which we, the people, will be expected to pay, but cannot possibly pay. Conservatives who now attack Obama's policies as liberals attacked Bush's, are labeled as un-American and racist. Conservatives, who considered Bush's economic policies only of minor importance, since the Greenspan-Bush bubble gave the false impression of economic boom times, now feign horror and outrage as Obama continues to spend our country into the dustbin of history, along with the Soviet Union and the Roman Empire, and attack Obama for a deepening depression that was engineered by the previous administration, and many previous administrations before Bush.

This is the real paradigm: the creation of the shadow government known as the Federal Reserve system turned our political parties into two wings of the same bird of prey. They are two parties with one globalist goal. Do not listen to their rhetoric; their rhetoric is the red cape that the bull charges into. It is a facade. It is misdirection; distraction. We charge the red cape and the matador eludes us. What matters is action. And when you objectively examine the actions of our government, and compare them in times of republican and democrat power, the paradigm becomes crystal clear: their ideologies are the same. Their methods are the same. Their goal is the same. The left-right paradigm, the injection of race into every possible issue, is textbook divide and conquer. If we do not cease distracting ourselves fighting each other over illusions, we will wake up one day with our house burnt to the ground around us, while the elite sit offshore in their yachts laughing at us.

Unite or die.