Tuesday, December 8, 2009

EPA: Life is pollution

This ruling by the EPA clears the way for the Obama administration to regulate carbon emissions under the Clean Air Act, regardless of whether Congress passes cap and trade legislation or what comes out of the Copenhagen summit this week. Tyranny has arrived in these former United States.

I think it's important for the plebs sordida to understand that when we talk about carbon emissions, we're talking exclusively about carbon dioxide. And we have to make sure they understand that, when we talk about carbon dioxide, we are talking about what we exhale. And we must make sure they grasp the fact that when we exhale CO2, plants then breathe the CO2 and exhale oxygen, which we then in turn breathe, and so on and so forth. So what the EPA is saying here is, you - your life - is pollution.

This is the underlying mindset behind the eugenics cult: it's not that life is cheap; life is a negative. And what better way to express and legislate the negative value of your life than to label the very air you exhale a toxin that must be regulated? Your life will be regulated out of existence. The very lifeblood of civilized life - electricity, mostly provided by fossil fuels, and automobiles, powered by petroleum - will be eliminated, so that you cannot sustain yourself without groveling at the feet of the State. And woe to you if you're starving and you don't do exactly what the State says.

May your chains lay lightly around your neck. As for me, I will, with the short amount of time we have left, do everything in my power to disconnect myself and my family from this grotesque leviathan, so that the State never has the opportunity to jam its boot in my neck again.