Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another audio message from dead Osama bin Laden

I wonder - and am probably right about this one - if Americans are the only people on Earth who actually believe bin Laden's still alive, and see nothing suspicious about the fact that he hasn't appeared on video for at least 5 years (longer, since he's been dead since late 2001 and all subsequent visages of him have been obvious imposters). He's dead, people. You do know that, right?

    Associated Press -

    Osama bin Laden claimed responsibility for the attempt to bomb a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas in a new audio message released Sunday threatening more attacks on the United States.

    A senior U.S. intelligence official in Washington said there is "no evidence whatsoever" that bin Laden had any involvement on the Christmas Day attack - or even knew about it beforehand. The message suggests the al-Qaida leader wants to appear in direct command of the terrorist group's many affiliates around the world at a time when some analysts have suggested he is mostly a figurehead.

    In the minute-long recording carried by Al-Jazeera Arabic news channel, bin Laden addressed President Barack Obama saying the Christmas attack was meant to send a message similar to that of the Sept. 11 attacks.

    "The message delivered to you through the plane of the heroic warrior Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was a confirmation of the previous messages sent by the heroes of the Sept. 11," he said. "America will never dream of security unless we will have it in reality in Palestine," he added.

    "God willing, our raids on you will continue as long as your support for the Israelis continues."