Friday, January 22, 2010

Climate bill could split in two, Hoyer says

Are they that smart, or are we that dumb? Do they think we won't see this as a way of pushing the entire climate agenda on us, but in two smaller parts so we don't see it as one disastrous whole? Incrementalism is what's brought us to where we are now, over a long course of many decades. They have been patient and enduring, and know that if they try to move too quickly they will be exposed.

Meanwhile they take two steps forward, and we push them one step back, and then we marvel at our progress.

    Reuters -

    Cap-and-trade legislation pending in Congress may be split in two to ensure that parts that encourage the use of more alternative energy sources can pass the Senate now that Democrats control one less seat, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said on Wednesday.

    Elements that limit carbon emissions may be handled separately now that Republican Scott Brown won the Massachusetts Senate seat that was formerly held by a Democrat, Hoyer said.

    "We ought not to let one be the victim to the other, if you will," he said. "I think we can move ahead on energy independence, I'm hopeful we can move ahead on the CO2 issue as well but I don't want to have one be the victim of saying we can't do one without the other."