Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spy drones will monitor U.K. citizens

You probably have quite a bit of disdain for the British people for putting up with this heinous tyranny. And that disdain is deserved. But of all the violations of natural law perpetrated against the Brits, the one domino that brought the rest of the chain down was their capitulation to disarmament. They probably thought they were being so modern, so cosmopolitan, giving up their arms thinking it would make them all safer. It's a logical deduction, I suppose, if one has absolutely zero grasp of history, which we know is part of the social engineering we are all victims of, lest they would've known that the first and most important step towards total enslavement is disarmament. Slaves are unarmed. Do not make the same mistake.

    UPI -

    Camera-equipped drones, developed by the British military for use in war, will be used in England to keep an eye on civilians from the sky, officials say.

    Police in Kent and Essex counties plan to start using them in 2012 for routine monitoring of motorists, protesters, agricultural thieves and illegal dumping, The Daily Telegraph reported Saturday.

    Collaboration between the police departments and BAE Systems, maker of the drones, began in 2007, the Telegraph said.

    A prototype for police use is expected to fly this year. Its high-resolution cameras can capture images from 20,000 feet.

    "Fully autonomous unmanned air systems could be routinely used by border agencies, the police and other government bodies," BAE spokesman Andrew Mellors said.

    Unlike manned police helicopters, which can fly for only a few hours, the drones can remain aloft for up to 15 hours, the Telegraph reported.

    "These systems will be fully autonomous so that operators task the vehicles and receive the relevant imagery and intelligence direct to the ground control station in real time," Mellors said.