Saturday, January 23, 2010

Officials say kids need second dose of H1N1 vaccine

Once again I have to ask: are we that stupid? Are there parents out there in Indiana who see this and think, gosh, I guess I gotta take the kids to Walgreens and get them another jab? Or do they think, hey, wait a second, I don't know a single person who came down with swine flu. My kids already got the shot. The CDC said it peaked in late October - three months ago. Why do they need another shot?

I can say from personal experience that just last week they were giving away H1N1 shots at my place of work, and people were cheerfully and excitedly lining up for it. Unfortunately I didn't know they were going to do this until I walked into work that day, otherwise I would've been passing out fliers. Will they be pushing vaccines on people in June? July? I'll get back to you then.

    Fox28 Indiana -

    Indiana health officials say more than 160,000 children across the state are overdue for a second dose of the swine flu vaccine.

    That's more than half of the children who received the first dose.

    The second dose is recommended to fully protect children against the swine flu.

    That's one of the reasons the Elkhart County Health Department has been going into the elementary schools to do the second round of the kids shots.

    Next Friday, they'll be finished with the schools.

    Gwen Jaeger, Manager of Nursing Services for the Elkhart Health Department says,

    "Right now, for the second shot, we've given approximately 37-thousand shots to the kids under ten, nine and under and then we're also holding public clinics and we're gonna start going out to larger employers."

    Jaeger says they're also going to start making the rounds of the assistant livings with the vaccine.

    As for St. Joseph County, they tell us they will have offered second doses at all public schools by the middle of March.