Tuesday, February 9, 2010

H1N1 deaths top 15,000: WHO

You don't get a more classic, epitomizing example of why it is so imperative to pay attention, to not blindly trust authority, or the media, than this. Without even getting into the meat of the article, which is brief, and simply focusing on the headline, this requires extensive analysis. Let's begin with the naked headline. Fifteen thousand dead. World-wide. Recall back to August when eugenics superstar John P Holdren, Obama's science and technology czar and mastermind of the H1N1 vaccine debacle, said that 90,000 people would die in America alone. Yet as of last month, the CDC claims that upwards of 16,500Americans have died from H1N1. Thousands among those dead died despite getting an H1N1 vaccine. Yet we know in America that most swine flu diagnoses were false positives. Perhaps the CDC took a little too seriously the WHO's order to assume its flu cases are due to the novel H1N1 flu virus and not submit samples for lab testing. Unfortunately thrown into that mix were people who didn't even have seasonal flu, much less H1N1. Yet statistically they had H1N1. How else do you explain exponentially rising death tolls for a disease we know peaked in October?

Could this be why the CDC's reported death toll represents an impossible proportion of the WHO's global death toll - is America the only country in the world where people died of H1N1? You still need your vaccine. Don't forget your second dose!