Sunday, February 14, 2010

In San Diego, your garbage man is spying on you

They've already enlisted your children, the cable guy and local firefighter to spy on you, now shutter your windows on garbage day. It's a society of fear and terror, and any one of you, at any time, could be a maybe a potential terrorist (MAPT). Enjoy this thoroughly objective, in-depth journalistic masterpiece. This is of course for your own good, with no mal-intent at all.

    NBC San Diego -

    Trash and recycling truck drivers can add one extra responsibility to their list of job duties. Besides keeping the streets clean, police hope they may be able to help keep them safe too.

    Law enforcement agencies are joining forces with Waste Management to train trash-haulers on reporting suspicious activity and potential emergency situations.

    "The drivers some of them have been on their route 20 and 30 years. They go places every day that law enforcement never sees," said Les Hart from Waste Management. "They know what light is supposed to be on, what door is supposed to be closed, that little red car is always there. When something is amiss they really know, they have a gut feeling. "

    San Diego, El Cajon and the Santee police departments worked with drivers saying they can be extra eyes and ears for law enforcement.