Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Consolidation of seed companies leading to corporate domination of world food supply

The world is just screaming at you, "GROW YOUR OWN FOOD!" Between the ecological and nutritional destruction of factory farmed, genetically modified, pesticide plastered food, to the monetary devaluation causing this increasingly worthless and toxic food to cost more and more, to the cornering of the seed market by the maniacs who genetically modify seeds so they can be blasted with pesticides without dying, you are literally suicidal if you're not stocking up on organic seeds and growing your own food. Unfortunately, most Americans are either too ignorant to notice or too lazy to care (I've actually met such people). "Grow my own food? Why do that when I have other people I've never met and have no idea of their ethics to grow it for me?"

    Natural News -

    Throughout the history of agriculture across the globe, farming has always been a diversified sector of the economy. Small, self-sustaining, family farms were the order of the day in most cultures. Even as small farms grew larger and more specialized over time, many of them still saved seeds or purchased them from other farmers, which kept control of farming in the hands of the people.

    But today everything has changed, as large chemical and agribusiness firms have acquired or merged with seed companies and other agricultural input companies. They have successfully gained a foothold on genetically-modified (GM) crops with transgenic traits.

    These primary factors and several others have facilitated a crescendo towards the global domination of agriculture by corporations, and thus the world's food supply.

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