Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Truth, Justice, Movements

A great deal of teeth gnashing ensued the supposed turncoating of Charlie Veitch, from 9-11 truther to alleged globalist/NWO shill. It was a sad sight to see: people supposedly free of mind losing their minds over the meaningless incantations of one clown with a bullhorn and a video camera. For me at least it was evidence of how easy our minds are controlled, because no matter how enlightened many take themselves to be, if they can be kept inside the cage of groupthink, they are still very much plugged in.

Any movement, no matter how profound, no matter what issue it wraps itself around, is a distraction, and cannot be kept free from at least some outside influence, outside control. Here we saw how easily a movement could be thrown into chaos, that one supposed leader – one man – changed his mind, for whatever reason, and rather than shrug it off, as if the truth could be affected by such an insignificant turn of events, the whole movement acts like the sky is falling. He probably received death threats, which must have been quite disheartening for him, because it was likely threats from the other side that led him to reverse course in the first place. We'll never know, and it couldn't be any less significant.

Was Charlie the only one telling the truth, and is he now the only one slanging lies? Was he some kind of oasis of truth that is now gone, leaving everyone helpless? No. So what has changed? Certainly not the truth. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth, said Gandhi.

Yes, it's good to understand that government is a gang of criminals and thieves, writ large. Great. Get over it. The deception of deceptions is this whole idea that those with power have something that they took from you that you must fight to take back. This is a form of control. They never had any power that you didn't give them, and that includes the power to commit false flag terrorism against their "own people" (they're not Americans, they're globalists, but I digress). That includes the power to commit these crimes with impunity, to be immune from punishment if for no other reason than plausible deniability, much less having control of the media and all three branches of government.

More teeth gnashing ensues when I imply that we are to blame, but self-examination is not presently one of the better qualities of the mob. What power do they have without us? Who gave them this power? Of course, we didn't create the Federal Reserve in 1913 – most of us weren't alive then. We weren't alive or at least old enough to bear responsibility as this fascist institution wrapped its tentacles around every essential aspect of American society and culture. But, here and now, having grown up, we still use their currency, which is debt-based and worthless. We still borrow money to pay for everything we “own”. We still vote in their crooked and rigged elections. We still join their military, or if we don't, a great many of us worship the institution as if it were of God; we prostrate ourselves before its hired killers. Many of us still go to work for their military industrial complex. And we still pay taxes.

Movements and groupthink are nothing but avenues for us to relinquish responsibility for our own actions, or inactions. We stand outside their buildings waxing hysterical about truth and justice, and they laugh at us as their hired thugs, AKA the militarized police, tear gas us and assault us with batons, attack dogs and sound cannons. Face it, folks: the game is rigged. They've very carefully and meticulously created this matrix over generations with nothing but their own aggrandizement and perpetuation in mind. They haven't come this far to let a mob of people clamoring for justice stop them.

    I shouted out, "Who killed the Kennedy's?" when after all, it was you and me. - The Rolling Stones

It is difficult to wrap your head around, because it is part of your programming. They killed 3,000 people...someone has to pay! The Matrix we live under does not have at its source some external influence. The global power elite are not aliens (well, maybe they are...), they're not gods or supervillains. They are a manifestation of the diseased egoic mindset of the collective. They are you. They are me. If you want justice for 9-11 you just as well might wrap the noose around your own neck.

The only justice to be had in this world is to accept responsibility for your actions, or inactions, and do what must be done to change. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Take responsibility. It is ridiculously simple yet staggeringly difficult. We hate them, and yet we think we need them. For as long as the current egoic malaise exists in the collective psyche, you can hang all the Dick Cheney's and Larry Silverstein's, et al, you like, and more will simply take their place. This state of the world will change when you change. If you feel like change cannot take place until other people change, then change will never take place. If you feel like leaders like Charlie Veitch, people who are vulnerable and fallible and human, are needed to wake people up, then change will never take place. Change only takes place when you step into your own power, and jealously guard that power and let no one have it. You are part of the collective, and your own personal awakening evolves the collective towards consciousness and freedom. That is all you can do, and it is enough.

What you resist, persists; if you're fighting the system, you're still a slave to it. It will never end, no matter how hard you fight it, until you "take back" that power by simply ceasing to give it to them. That is the closest thing to "justice" that you'll ever get, and personally, for me, true freedom, true sovereignty, *is* justice.