Thursday, July 28, 2011

Threat Of Right-Wing Extremism In U.S. Debated By Feds, Analysts

We need a bigger police state, to protect the police state. Because if you oppose the grotesque Stalinist police state taking shape in this country, no matter what your political ideology, you are a right-wing extremist and they are coming for you. Wouldn't you rather just put on Lee Greenwood and act like a real right-wing extremist, celebrating the Patriot Act and the DHS and the TSA for keeping us safe from turr'ists all over the world? Me either.

    HuffPo -

    NEW YORK -- The bombing and shooting spree in Norway on Friday has raised questions about whether federal law enforcement agencies in the United States are devoting enough resources and attention to the threat posed by right-wing extremists here. On the alert for such threats posed by white supremacists and members of a sovereign citizen movement that rejects government authority and militias, law enforcement officials around the country have reportedly asked for budget increases to handle the task.

    Department of Homeland Security officials insist that the level of activity by such groups has remained consistent over the past few years and that the agency is focused on the menace posed by such groups.

    "As it stands today, we have been much more focused than at any time in the last 10 years on threat posed by homegrown terrorism," a senior DHS counterterrorism official told The Huffington Post.

    Yet analysts who track extremist activity claim that the threat posed by right-wing extremists in the United States is on the rise and that federal law enforcement agencies may not be giving them enough resources or attention.

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