Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Drought Withering Away Any Chance of Recovery

From late-season frosts, scorching heat, and record flooding wiping out crops, to the worst drought in recent memory, added to the ongoing destruction of our currency pushing the price of food up, up, up, our food security is fragile at best, and deteriorating by the day. There are those who are prepared, and there are those who will suffer. Choose.

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    It is no secret that we are in one of the worst droughts of our lifetime. Could these weather conditions be the beginning of something much worse? Or even create a perfect storm that will lead to the beginning of the end of America’s vitality?

    To begin, farmers in Oklahoma and in Texas are already bracing themselves for what may be their largest TEOTWAWKI event ever experienced. These two states are the largest producers of hay and cattle in the United States. However, due to persistent drought conditions plaguing this part of the country, the outcome has the two states seeing the smallest hay crop in over a century, thus creating a shortage of feed for livestock. ”Farms may harvest only one crop from alfalfa and Bermuda grass this year, compared with three normally”, said Larry Redmon, a state forage specialist at Texas A&M University. (Source)

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